Saturday, February 24, 2018


I've started working again... so my time is spent taking pictures of school kids instead of blogging.  I've missed blogging.  And I have a lot to catch up on.
My Sweetheart! And me!
February has been a super fun month for me because Scott made it a goal to take me on weekly dates.  And I've loved having something to look forward to every week!  Last week we got to go to the annual stake Valentine's Dance.  It was so fun to dance with my cute, sweet, wonderful husband!  He's got moves!
I sent this picture to my daughters with the caption "THIS IS ME!"
If you get the reference, we can be friends!  (JK)
It was also fun to go out to dinner with some of my bestest friends before hand.  I love my "tribe!" 
Amy and Mark
Teresa and Tony
Sheila and Mike
These guys always crack me up!
And I love that we all support each other, and love each other and help each other grow!  I'm blessed with good friends!
While Scott and I were gettin' down on the dance floor, Kiara was in Texas meeting Cody's family.  She reported that they were "awesome!"  She really enjoyed them and loved getting to know them.  And she got lots of pictures for her mom!  (I'm only bummed that she didn't take a picture WITH his parents.)
They got to eat dinner on the boardwalk at the aquarium.
And they got to play in the ocean....
Kiara is arresting Cody for "looking too good!"
And Cody is protecting his fiance!
This is the first time Kiara is tall enough to ride...
And Cody is too short!
I think they kinda like each other!
Happy Together!
Crazy and In Love!
And earlier last week, we had enough good weather to go to Berkley Park.  So Amy, Kristie and I took the kids and enjoyed some sunshine.  (Of course, the good weather only lasted two days... it's raining/flooding right now.)  I got some cute pictures.  I wish I had taken more.
Marmalade, Banana Cream Pie, Apple Pie, Licorice and Bubblegum
I love this picture!
Apple Jacks loved her hair blowing in the wind!
And Jelly Bean is "pure boy!"
Apple Pie is one of the sweetest boys I know!
And Juice is awesome with his sister, Raisin!
Kotten Kandy's YW basketball is winning all their games again this year...
Kotten Kandy is on the bottom, left!
Her coach is also her boss at work!  She really thinks he's cool!
And Scott and I are enjoying the little girls....  It reminds us of being young parents.  Although I joke that I'm practicing for being a grandma!  (Hint.  Hint.  Kiara and Cody - I'm hoping I'll be one in a couple of years?!)
Lemonbalm and Raisin love Scott!
Raisin's smile is my favorite!
And Lemonbalm has a much softer, but just as sweet, smile!
I'm spoiled with little girls!
Lemonbalm is sporting new, pipe-cleaner glasses!
And for Family Home Evening... these boys did not eat their treat in the living room (per rules of carpet) and the big kid conducted music - sorta?!  Ha ha ha!
Banana Cream Pie and Licorice - at the edge of the carpet - but still in the kitchen!
Jawbreaker didn't want to waste too much energy on his music direction

Friday, February 16, 2018


Happy Valentine's Day!  I love celebrating love!  And I love celebrating the people I love:  my family and friends!  So we celebrated.
I get to go on 12 dates with my cute, wonderful husband!
Key Lime Pie and her fiance celebrated with honey sticks!
And Shanae made me laugh when she sent me this picture
with the caption "3rd Wheeling"!  My niece is awesome!
We've also been "enjoying" ICE.  It's beautiful!  But I really don't like the cold.
And on Friday, on my way to work I got to see this beautiful sunrise:
Kiara and Cody went to a Power To Become conference.  They learned a lot and had a great time.
They also went out for soda... and apparently, according to my daughter, the caffeine "broke Cody."  Crazy, silly co-eds!
I also got to take missionary pictures of one of my FAVORITE young men of all time!  He's amazing!  And he will make a wonderful missionary!  I love that Maeva shares her son with me!
Tyler and Maeva
Elder Coolbear!

I love cuddle time with Lemonbalm:
And Kotten Kandy is playing basketball again this season with her YW team:
I also finished reading 3 books.  I recommend two and definitely do NOT recommend one:
This book was a simple, quick read.  But I enjoyed it.  Sheri Dew discusses our spiritual journey and using scriptures, pray and following the prophets in order to grow our faith.  The concept of wrestling with our belief  is basically simple, yet profound.  The effort of gaining a testimony is definitely "Worth the Wrestle!"
I read this book when I was a senior in high school and didn't remember anything about it except that it was a story about King Arthur.  I was excited to re-read it.  And then I wasn't.  I really, really, really disliked this book and would not recommend it to anyone.  It's not appropriate for anyone.  If you want to know more about why... I can let you know.  But I don't want to immortalize this book further - except with a warning.  Do NOT read it.  There are other better books about King Arthur.  And there are other better things to be doing with your time than reading this.
This book is AMAZING!  I truly believe EVERYONE should read this.  I just purchased 4 copies of this book for my entire family to have their own copy.  The Anatomy of Peace was recommended to me by my sister.  It was recommended to my sister by her daughter.  And now I'm recommending it to EVERYONE!
This book is a parable that teaches change and the way we look at the world and grow our relationships.  I have been struggling with some relationships and I am trying to change the way I feel about myself and others.  I want to have charity towards everyone... but I have a long road to go.  I really feel this book has helped me open a door to peace.
While I was reading this book, I realized that my heart has been at war for a long time, with myself mostly, so it reaches out to all around me.  When our hearts are at war, it stops us from seeing everyone as humans and begins seeing them as objects or problems.  I need to remind myself that everyone is my brother or sister and we are all connected.  I learned a lot about justification boxes and getting out of the boxes.  It's not easy.  But it's possible.  And the change starts from within.
This was such an awesome book that I am re-reading it immediately.  And I'll continue to strive for my own heart to be a peace!
Thank you, sister!  I can't thank you enough!  I put this book in a category with The Vanishing American Adult by Ben Sasse and Better Than Before by Gretchin Rubin.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


We are so blessed to have friends whom we watch the Super Bowl with every year!  The food is great!  The game is fun!  And the friends are my favorite part!  I LOVE the Fieldings!
Banana Cream Pie
Jawbreaker - Fig - Bubblegum
Oreos - Kotten Kndy - Applejacks - Licorice -Rice - Pistachio
Me and Trina!  She is one of my heroes!
Doug is great too...
And Bubblegum joined Scott in wearing "our" team!  We are so proud of him being brave enough to wear the Jets in front of his Steeler's fan father.  And Bubblegum always has a home with us!
Just before the game we had a bit of a smoke "scare"...  The girls fanning the smoke away from the smoke detector made me laugh!
Rice - Fig - Kotten Kandy - Applejacks
Kiara and Cody also celebrated the big game with cake pops, other treats - and of course cheering!  Kiara may not be a huge football fan - but she's inherited our love of the Super Bowl and enjoying the evening with good food and friends.  Cody was a good sport!
I want some!
Go Eagles!
In other news... we've had lots of snow.  I really don't like the cold.  But it is pretty.  Especially when the snowflakes were as large as fifty-cent pieces.
I got a new calling.  I'm teaching Gospel Principles.  Here are the class journals I made for independent learning:
Kiara and Cody also painted toys for a service project.  They are good people.  I imagine they are going to be wonderful, contributing members of the Church and their communities.  I love them!
And guess what?!  After 23 years of marriage, I got a brand-new washer and dryer.  Up until today I had used washers and dryers.  Thank you, Waltmans!  I am sooooo excited about my Maytag appliances!  I just started my first load of laundry.  I've never been so happy to do laundry....  
Oh... and we're getting ready to send these in the mail in the next couple of weeks:
I'll post ALL the pictures after the invites are in the mail.  They are an adorable couple!