Saturday, November 11, 2017


We still have lives - despite participating in NaNoWriMo. 
Yes, we've caught this girl trying to write all night long...
Kotten Kandy, Taffy and I helped at an Eagle Scout Project for a great guy whom I will call A1 Steaksauce.  We made lines for archery in the lawn.  It was good.  I couldn't do much of the shoveling, but I was able to help line stones/pavers/bricks (not sure what to call them.)
A1 Steaksauce leads the way!
Kotten Kandy and Taffy digging the trench.
It was FREEZING!!!!
And hard work!!!!
But this girl kept smiling and doing her part!
While Kotten Kandy and I were doing service, Scott and Chris went to the Ohio State football game.  They love this yearly tradition.  And Ohio won!
Silly man!  I sure love this guy!
Kiara has been having tons of fun with her crazy roommates and Cody.  They play games, watch movies, dance, and do all sorts of fun things together.  I'm so glad she's happy!  I hope she's studying and looking for a job too.  BTW I got to facetime Cody... and I think he's great.  So I approve of Kiara Lea's choice.
Amber - Kiara - Mary
These 3 co-eds make me smile!
I love them all!!!
Playing games....
College life...  Thanks, Amber, for the pics!
Cody and Kiara
Here are a few random pictures I forgot to post:
Laying on the floor?!
How cute is Raisin?!
She steals my heart!
And so does this guy!
Jelly Bean (I mean Batman) was hanging out
on my kitchen floor after Halloween....
Oh!  And I read another book.  I read Dear Fahrenheit 451 by Annie Spence. 
I loved the premise of this book, but I didn't like the author's book choices and language.  Let me explain.
The premise of this book is fairly simple.  It's a book of letters that Annie, a librarian, has written to various books.  Some of those books are love letters.  Some are break-up letters about books she does not like.  It made me want to write letters to my favorite books and some books I wish I had never read.
After reading this book, I knew that I would not like book advice from this woman.  She seemed liberal in her choices and liked love stories way too much.  She is also extremely liberal in her word choices (ie. she uses a LOT of four letter words).  Her sense of humor was sometimes OK, but usually crude. 
I guess I read the book because I thought "I could write something like this... and make it better with more thought out summaries of book plots.  I could choose books that weren't full of immorality and other negative principles."  So maybe I'll write a letter to Fahrenheit 451 someday too, and I'll include The Way of Kings and Harry Potter and the Hunger Games.  But don't expect bad language from me.

Saturday, November 4, 2017


It's fun to FINALLY get pictures from my BYUI co-ed!  And it looks like she's doing some fun things!  She's doing well in school!  She's made a lot of friends!  She hangs out with a cute boy a lot!  And she eats chocolate with her BFFs/roommates!
Kiara and Cody
Key Lime Pie
What are we doing?  Writing...
NaNoWriMo is life... in November.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Halloween was wonderful!  We ate our traditional chili and cornbread.  We dressed up.  We took Amy's kids trick-or-treating.  I passed out candy and "ooohed" and "ahhed" over all of the trolls, princesses, monsters, super heroes and zombies.  (Which is my favorite part!)  We shared our evening with good friends....
Our gang of Trick-or-Treaters
My boy!
Raisin is the cutest cat EVER!
This girl only sent me this photo from her crazy, fun Halloween celebrations...
She promised more.
She promised to send pictures of some of her friends.
She's kinda in trouble.
GJ made my day with her costume!
My sister does NOT dress up for Halloween.
She was required to for work this year...
I pretended that it wasn't a requirement and that she was doing it just for me!
I  LOVE my fun sister!  And I love that she channeled her inner-hippie!
And I LOVED being Penelope Garcia, technical analyst for the FBI!
Scott and a few of his employees got in on the fun too!
Nancy is the pirate, Scott is Rossi (from the BAU) and Paige is a paper doll
I just love Paige!
Scott does too... I promise.
And then we had our last rogue self-reliance class - for now.  Although we still plan to meet and encourage each other in our financial goals and accomplishments.
Getting ready for our class with kids hyped up on sugar was lots of fun...
Raisin is in a candy stupor in this pic...  But she loves Scott!
And Jelly Bean loves his Taffy!
And these two are crazy, silly after all of the excitement!
All of these activities were just warm-ups to the real "holiday": NaNoWriMo.  There are nine of us participating this year: Myself, Scott, Mark, Amy, Tyler, Kotten Kandy, Juice, Nuts and Marmalade.  We all got a good start on our books.  And we're all excited!  This year Scott got the least amount of sleep - he stayed awake all night!  I actually made it until 4:15ish and got up at 7ish.  This is such a fun, worth-while tradition!  And it encourages writing!  And we make it social too!
Sodas ✓
Friends ✓
Computers ✓
Ideas ✓
Amy's Silly Writing Puns ✓
Attitudes and Excitement ✓
And then we wrote...
Don't worry, Amy and I prepared for the month on Saturday by making freezer meals.  Our families may be neglected while we strive to reach our 50,000 word count, but they won't starve.
And this picture is because Key Lime Pie didn't send me the promised pictures of Halloween.
Meet her friend, Cody!

Friday, October 27, 2017


I've said it before... and I'll say it again:  I LOVE Halloween!  I LOVE our family tradition of dressing up together!  I LOVE handing out candy to the cute kids in costume and making an individual comment to each kid: "What a beautiful princess!"  "Oh my!  I'm awfully scared of Darth Vader!"  "Argh, matey!  You are an amazing pirate, Savy?!"  
But my favorite part is dressing up.  This year we choose to dress up as our favorite television program: Criminal Minds.  
I LOVED channeling my inner-Penelope Garcia!  
Scott rocked David Rossi complete with his book.  
Key Lime Pie "joined" us via satellite on assignment as Emily Pretiss.  
Kotten Kandy was PERFECT as Jennifer Jareau (JJ).  
And Tyler was supposed to be Spencer Reid,
but ended up more as another random FBI agent helping us out.  
Soooooo... we rocked the Behavioral Analysis Unit at our ward Trunk-or-Treat tonight!  
Raisin cracks me up!  Her cat costume is too cute...  And two suckers at once?!
I'm sure I'll get better pictures of Amy's kids this Tuesday!
Did I mention I love kids dressing up in costumes and celebrating candy?!
It was a great night!  And guess what?!  My chili even won a prize!  Halloween rocks!