Sunday, December 10, 2017


This week was another hectic, yet wonderful, week!  Christmas is in full swing around this house...
Scott put up my nativity tree.  And I got new musical ribbon... which I love!
I love my tree!
And I love my sweet husband who takes his time to make it gorgeous!
(Close up of my ribbon....)
We also got to watch the Salt Lake Christmas Fireside broadcast with our friends/family!  And I watched it right where I wanted to: among the kids with lots of hugs and smiles!  Of course we watched with hot chocolate and candy-canes!  Yum!
Loving these sweet kids!
Raisin loves Banana Cream Pie (and Licorice - not pictured)
Raisin also loves Scott!
But that isn't all the fun traditions this week.  We also celebrated with my studio recital.  The kids were WONDERFUL!  They grow so much each recital!  And I'm super proud of them all!  I'm not kidding when I say I really love each of them!  They are amazing!  And my studio is growing.  I have 18 students now (and some take piano AND voice lessons)!
I'm truly blessed with these kids!
And the very next day was our homeschool show choir Christmas concert.  These kids rocked it!  The songs were super fun from all around the world!  (We got to perform twice - once Monday for a rest home and then Friday for friends and family.)  I really love these great kids!  I love what I get to do with them!
And I'm blessed with these kids too!
Guess what?!  Kiara has been having lots of fun with that cute boy again still!  I really like Cody! And so does she!  I can't wait to meet him in January.
Drinking bubbly and making apple-something-or-other
They love spending time together in the kitchen...
Not me!
They also get to deal with this beautiful weather....
 It may be pretty, but I don't envy them the cold!
They are really creative!
Paper mache masks!
How fun!
And my sister and her husband are amazing!  They took a leather class last weekend and made Christmas stockings.  I wanted to give a shout out to them:
GJ - learning and creating
Ken finishing
GJ's done - except inking the words
And look who I'm teaching some dulcimer stuff too:
Banana Cream Pie
And then there was my work Christmas party.  It was a blast!  I LOVE the people I work with... but I didn't get any pictures...  The only two pictures I took was of the gourmet red velvet cheesecake and the table decore.  Kelly, one of my bosses, made an amazing meal!  And we had fun with an ornament exchange. 
Oh!  And I got to craft on Saturday with two of my dear friends....  Again... only a picture of the finished product:
Snowmen for some friends!
And then having lots of teens at our house in joyful!  I LOOOOOOVE it!
Playing Cards...
Love these kids...
Todd has silly games...
Adults visiting...
Playing King Ooga Booga!
Super fun!
And this little munchkin is adorable!
Loving our Lemonbalm!

Sunday, December 3, 2017


December is already shaping up to be crazy!  But also wonderful!  I truly love this time of year!
Wednesday Scott spoiled us (the Bettenhausens, Kotten Kandy, Taffy and I) with tickets to see Ebeneezer (The Christmas Carol musical).  It was AMAZING!  I love the music!  I loved the actor who portrayed Ebeneezer Scrooge!  I loved the story!  I loved my cute date!
The cast of Ebeneezer
Before the show...
We got game!  Selfie Game!
Kotten Kandy and Taffy are working on their game....
And Mark just needs help.  Just Kidding!
It was so funny to watch him stand up and jokingly take an awkward selfie.
This picture makes me laugh so hard.  I wish I had a picture of him taking the picture.
Thursday we finished our novels!  Talk about waiting until the last minute.  Amy, Katia and I all made our goals!  Yay for us!
Raisin helped me finish my book by "writing" on her leapster beside me.
I love this crazy haired little girl!
Amy wrote book 2 for her series...
Kotten Kandy wrote a fantasy novel with strange happenings...
I wrote a how to book about raising daughters.
Yay, for us!
Friday night was Scott's work party!  I again enjoyed spending time with my significant other!  He's pretty awesome!
I told you we had game!
Saturday was spent at a Relief Society board luncheon.  Jackie made a beautiful luncheon.  Yum!  And I really love these ladies!  I'm really enjoying serving in Relief Society... even if I am a bit out of my comfort zone. 
While I was eating and visiting and making friends, Kotten Kandy was helping our dear friends move back into Shelbyville!  We are sooooo glad that the Schmids are coming "home!" 
A yellow house!  :-)  I knew I liked the Schmids!
They have great taste!
Asparagus is back in our ward!
Tyler wasn't sure he wanted his picture taken...
But he relented for me!
Working hard!
Kotten Kandy said everyone was working so hard, these were the only pics she could get me.
Scott spent Saturday at the Ohio State football game with Chris.  He loves going to games with his friend!  And Ohio won!
Scott and Chris!
These guys are AWESOME!
My husband makes me smile!  I love his silly pictures.
And what could be better than my husband hugging his favorite drink? 
... Unless he was hugging me!
And Saturday also found Cody and Kiara hanging out together at a Christmas concert.  Actually, it's not a surprise that they are together... they are ALWAYS together but they looked extra cute in these concert pics:
I haven't met Cody yet... but I love how he makes my daughter smile!
So... I love him!
Adorable concert goers!
I bet they are the best looking couple there!
How blessed we are to have the Waltmans come and stay with us for awhile!  They are moving here from Idaho!  And we already love them tons!!!!  I love having a big family!  And each kid is GREAT in their own way!
The Waltmans
Banana Cream Pie
Apple Jacks
And guess what?!  I finished reading Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson. 
I LOVED it!  But I was frustrated that he chose to release it during the month of November/NaNoWriMo.  It really messed up my consistent word count.  I really enjoyed this book but don't want to give anything away... I'll just say that this book has a lot of great character development.  And explained a lot about Dalinar.  There are a lot of answers in this book.  And a lot of unexpected and scream out loud surprises.  I'm excited for the next book....