Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Okay, I admit it, I thought that homeschooling would make it so my daughters wouldn't catch the latest bug that is lurking around the public schools.  I forgot about seminary.  The girls "caught" strep throat.  We spent today waiting to see the doctor and then hanging out at home with medication.  They were bummed that I wouldn't let them go to Young Women's tonight.  But sick is sick.  And they are still contagious.  They should be okay by seminary tomorrow morning....  and everyone there has already been exposed anyway.  So we'll be there!  They don't want to miss it.  Now I just hope Scott and I don't get sick.  (Although, come to think of it, my throat is feeling a bit raw....)

Sunday, August 26, 2012


We have had a busy (and by busy I mean assiduously on the go) two weeks.  When putting this post together in my head, I wasn't sure where to begin.  But then I remembered Maria's wise words, "let's start at the very beginning... a very good place to start!"

On Wednesday, August 15th, my husband and I flew to Utah.  We thought we were going on vacation (but vacations are relaxing and this trip was anything but...)  Despite the crazy schedule, we did have a fabulous time visiting with our family and seeing all of the people we love and miss.  The purpose of our excursion was to help celebrate the weddings of our two beautiful nieces.  The weddings were gorgeous (and so were the brides!)

The first wedding was Kaylee and Braden.  They were sealed in the Logan temple.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  They looked so happy.  (And the cake reminded me of my daughter, Kotten Kandy.  She loves green too!)  Braden seems like a great guy.  He really loves Kaylee which is what really matters!  :-)  He wants to be a doctor when he grows up.  :-)

The second wedding was for Courtney and Henry.  It was gorgeous too!  (Her white cake and antique colors reminded me of Key Lime Pie!)  I loved talking with Henry for a bit.  He caught on really quick that I was the favorite aunt!  That definitely earned him bonus points with me!  :-)  He wants to be a podiatrist when he grows up.  :-)

On our foray to Utah we were also able to catch up with Scott's cousin, Michael, who also tied the knot the same weekend.  :-)  And we got to see our nephew, Davis, who just returned from Nicaragua.  He has grown into such an AWESOME kid!  He'll be making someone a GREAT husband soon as he's headed off to BYUI and I'm sure he'll fall in love with someone wonderful!  We also got to see all of our amazing nephews and nieces.  And I love getting photos of the original DeGooyer family:  Kevin, Dad DeGooyer, Mom DeGooyer, Kerri, Stacey, Scott and Brett!

Scott and I decided that we enjoy traveling together... although we did miss our daughters.  They stayed with our good friends, the Bettenhausens.  At least we knew they were with people who love them (almost as much as we do!)

While we were flying and waiting for flights, etc. I was able to read 5 books.  :-)  They were all good.

I finished reading "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien.  I love "The Lord of the Ring" series, but "The Hobbit" is probably my least favorite if you include it with the other books.  I had read it as a young adult, but not recently so it was a fun review.

I also read "The Children of Hamelin" by Danny Lasko.  It was a fun, easy-read, futuristic novel.  I had read it because it was a free download to my Kindle.

I also read the second book in the Michael Vey series "Michael Vey: Rise of the Elgen" by Richard Paul Evans.  I LOVED the first book.  The second book was great - until the end.  I hated the ending because it left you hanging... and we have to wait a whole year until the next book in the series.  That is so frustrating!

I also read "Winners never Cheat" by Jon Huntsman.  He is an amazing philanthropist and entrepreneur.  He reminded me A LOT of my own husband who's values are every bit as wonderful and as strong as Brother Huntsman.

The last book was a book I had sitting on my shelf - like for forever.  It's called "Sunshine for the Latter-Day Saint Child's Soul".  It was a lot like the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.  It was a cute and extremely quick read.

We "officially" started home-schooling this week.  The girls actually started about two weeks ago - but we just got around to taking back-to-school pics and a set schedule.  We are all excited to be back into the swing of things!  :-)

My 40th birthday was Friday.  I celebrated by spending most of the day in the hospital with one of my best friends, Amy, who gave me the best gift of all: she gave birth to her son on my birthday!  :-)  Jelly Bean is ADORABLE!  He only weighed 6 lbs. 1/2 oz.  and was 19 inches long.  He has LOTS of hair and Elvis Presley sideburns.  I LOVE my birthday buddy!!!!!!!!!

Well, that's the news from Shelbyville, Kentucky; where the women are strong, the men are good looking and the kids are way above average!

Monday, August 13, 2012


I haven't blogged in... like... forever.  And I apologize.  It has been a bit crazy in Kentucky.  We have had an exciting couple of weeks.
Kotten Kandy and Key Lime Pie made the cutest sewing projects.  It includes pockets for scissors, needles and thread.  And has a detachable pin cushion.  Key Lime Pie's is an adorable, yellow, sewing pattern, while Kotten Kandy chose to make hers using a owl motif (because she LOVES owls).
Thanks to a wonderful woman in our ward (my visiting teacher, Mary), we were able to pick TONS of apples (for free).  We have been drying them and making pies.  Amy taught the girls how to make the pies... and, boy, were they YUMMY!
K2 and I also got creative on Sunday.  We mod-podged a cute mosaic.  Kotten Kandy chose to write the word "IMAGINE" on her art, while Key Lime Pie wanted to personalize hers!  They turned out awesome!
In other news, Seminary started last week.  Key Lime Pie is old enough to attend.  Early morning seminary starts at 6:50 A.M. and is located only 1.1 miles from our home.  So K2 and I walk every morning.  :-)  Kotten Kandy is auditing the class since she is too young to officially participate.  But the seminary teachers recognized her spiritual maturity and are allowing her to sit in on the classes.  Both girls LOVE seminary.  This morning, as we walked home, the excitedly told me about what they had learned.  Both of them expressed how much they loved starting the day with seminary!  I'm kinda a proud mommy!
Finally, a couple of funny stories:
K2 were discussing going on missions the other day.  I didn't realize that they wanted to go on missions until I listened in on their conversations.  Key Lime Pie told her sister that she wanted to be "called to Rivendale or Mordor" so she could teach "Sauron."  Kotten Kandy told her she would rather teach the hobbits in the Shire.  I tried to explain to them that they were fictional places....  :-)  They just laughed!
One more:
Apparently they were discussing the Plan of Salvation in Seminary last Friday.  Sister Fielding told them that at the judgement day they would "be sorted."  Kotten Kandy exclaimed, "I'm going to be sorted into Gryffindor!"  Key Lime Pie added that she was part of the Hufflepuff house.  I really have crazy children!  They keep me laughing!