Sunday, December 31, 2017


These crazy friends and family of mine carried on my tradition of making resolutions on New Year's Eve.  We missed Amy and Raisin who were sick.
Lemonbalm - her last resolution was to "Be Sweet!"
I think it's already checked off!
I know Apple Jacks can do it!
You go, Licorice!
Apple Pie is such a great kid!
He loves learning!
Marmalade is ambitious!
Banana Cream Pie - 2018 will rock for you!
Bubblegum wants to sing!  I'm sooooooo excited!
Nuts makes every year great!
Rice Krispie - you've got this!
Pistachio - I'm excited that he's going to write with us for NaNoWriMo!
Maple - You should always be confident - because you are AWESOME!
Kotten Kandy is AMAZING!
She's my baby!
And I love her!
Jawbreaker is trying to grow and become....
This boy is also one of my faves!  Go Asparagus!
Elder Taffy will be WONDERFUL!
Key Lime Pie is so adorable and terrific!
She's my oldest baby!
And I love her too!
Spaghetti already thinks he's cool!
I got a good picture of Hammond!
Happy Birthday, Hammond!
Mark - You can do it!
Sheila - I believe in you!
Mike - You've got this!
Kristie - I love that you love making goals too!
Todd - We know you can do it!
I want "CREATE" to be my word this year!
Scott ROCKS!!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


What a wonderful holiday!  I LOVE Christmas!  And I LOVE celebrating with my family and sharing it with another family or two or three!  And I especially love children at this time of year!  I love seeing their smiles and their wonder and their testimonies!  I'm truly grateful that this holiday is about a special baby boy who came to earth to sacrifice for me.  I'm glad we celebrate with joy, music, fun and love during the whole month of December....  I really enjoyed trying to be more like Jesus Christ as we participated in the #lighttheworld program through the Church.  It's been a blessed holiday.
Here are some highlights with lots of pictures:
Santa came to our house on Friday before Christmas.  We have some pull with the "Big Guy!"  And my daughters were thrilled to visit with him.
Kotten Kandy and Key Lime Pie were excited to meet the
Saint Nicholas this year...  Kotten Kandy was "declared nice"
 as Apple Jacks vouched for her character to the gift giver... 
and were excited when Santa knew that 
Kiara wanted Cody to come to Kentucky for Christmas!
Scott and Santa are definitely good friends... always have been!
These great kids sat on Santa's knee all at the same time!
Apple Jacks, Licorice, Banana Cream Pie, Bubblegum,
Pistachio and Jawbreaker with Lemonbalm in front....
We loved visiting with Santa.  How lucky we are that he came to visit.
Saturday our family got to go out for some fun, thanks to our sweet Lollipop!  (We sure do love and miss her - and were excited to skype with her on Christmas)  We got dressed up and took some pictures:
SD2 + K2
Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy
with my beautiful girls!
I love these two gorgeous girls!
Kiara Lea
Key Lime Pie
Kotten Kandy
My Baby Girl
Lollipop is doing well!  She graduates in June.
We sure do miss her and hope to see her again soon....
I need to document the new handmade nativities I received/made this year:
I made these.
My dad made this one.
GJ made this.
Christmas Eve Traditions are always fun!  We celebrated the birth of our Savior with the Waltmans!  It was great!  First we had our annual talent show:
Licorice played the piano.
Todd told a story.
Pistachio helped tell the story.
Key Lime Pie played O Holy Night on the violin.
Bubblegum and I played Do You Hear What I Hear? as a duet.
Banana Cream Pie played two Christmas songs.
Apple Jacks sang an original Christmas song.
Jawbreaker played and sang?! Sorta?!
Scott played the harmonica.
Kotten Kandy sang a song.
Licorice, Banana Cream Pie and Kristi recited the entire Living Christ.
I told Grandma T's Sister Story.
Enjoying this talented crew!
Then we gave our gifts to the Savior and told the Christmas story with help from the kids:
Bubblegum sacrificed his knees to portray the donkey.
Apple Jacks and Licorice were perfect as Mary and Joseph.
Karmel cooperated by allowing Kotten Kandy to use her
as a sheep... making my daughter a shepherd.
And our angel was Lemonbalm dressed in red.
Scott narrated.
Then we watched The Nativity Story:
We love this tradition!
I love this movie!
Then... before we went to bed, we took off our socks (aka. the Waltman's fun tradition)!  And then went to bed with visions of sugarplums....
Christmas morning was stockings, and breakfast, and fun!  We visited with our families.  We visited with the Bettenhausens.  We ate food from Jerusalem.  What a wonderful day.
Happy Girl!
Fun Girl!
My husband liked his bell waaaaay too much!
Waiting for Mom to get sodas....
I loved visiting with my families...  And some sent pictures:
I love and miss you mom and dad!
Love my brother, Zane, and his awesome family!
(I want a pic, Ben!  I love y'all too!)
G.J. got to spend her Christmas will all of her crazy, wonderful kids!
I love and miss them too!
Merry Christmas, y'all!!!!