Tuesday, May 30, 2017


We spent an enjoyable day with people we love in Kentucky!  We have been blessed to "find" family here!!!  And we really enjoyed spending the day with these wonderful people who have enriched our lives!  Scott BBQed (despite his injuries!)  Yum!  And games, visiting, retiring a flag, and being together was exactly what I needed....
So many wonderful pictures!  So I created this layout of EVERYONE
so you could see our crazy Kentucky family!
Playing games is essential in this family!
Young and Old discussing life and helping one another... another staple!
Building fires for s'mores and fun.
I actually enjoyed throwing a football with my daughter for awhile!
Who knew?!
We retired a flag!
It was super cool!
And solemn!
And educational!
Boys being boys....
Juice and Nuts ganged up on Taffy!
Raisin STOLE Chris' hat!
Kotten Kandy and Taffy climbed our HUGE tree out back...
I'm just glad they didn't fall....
I love that Scott still - occasionally - helps his daughters with their hair....
This is a common sight when these two get together!
And I LOVE hearing them create music together!
They are talented!
Kiara spent Memorial Day with her two cousins, and celebrating Shaved Ice's 16th birthday!  She didn't get any pictures at the family BBQ... but here's what I got:
Kiara and Shanae took Shaved Ice shopping for her birthday!
And games with Mil and Grandpa Mac!
Grandpa actually won!
And...  Happy Birthday, to my sweet German daughter!  We really do miss her!  And can't believe she is 18!  She sent us an update!  Enjoy:
Hello everyone,
just to start off, I'm incredibly sorry that you haven't heard from me for so long. I just turned 18 and I promised myself, that for the new year, I'll keep more in touch. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I've spend this special day with my parents in Rome. Italy is really beautiful and truly the heart of Europe. When you visit, this is a must see right after Germany. Summer finally came upon my city and in a few weeks the school year ends. I'm already busy planning a vacation to Spain with Inés and another friend of mine. Before I can enjoy myself, there are a lot of exams to take, especially the ones of my first college semester. Business Administration is way harder then I first thought but I have to get trough with this. Next year my college career starts for real and I'm planning on moving out to Munich, a beautiful city in the German alps. My other alternative is to apply for a government sponsored job in the German embassy but let's see where I end up since I still have to graduate. Also I'm finally doing my drivers licence this summer. Fingers crossed for me please. I really hope to pass.
This was a lot about me, how have you guys been? Of course I follow the blog. Taffy and Kotten Kandy are sooooooooo cute. How is Fig Newton? Are you planning on getting another Exchange Student. Oh, and I admire Kiara for her Job as Americas next top dentist. This is really exiting. Is the Mission close yet? Europe is waiting ;)
I love and miss you all. I so wish to go back to KY Heart
Lollipop in Rome!

Saturday, May 27, 2017


If you read my blog often... you've met Taffy....  This kid is amazing!  Today he completed his Eagle Scout project!  Kotten Kandy and I were glad that he let us help!  It was really fun!  And Taffy definitely is "trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent!"  He is a role model to my family!  Way to go, Taffy!  We love you!
These are my favorite kids at the project.
Me, Deviled Egg, Avocado, Maple, Taffy and my sweet daughter, Kotten Kandy
(Yup, I have faves.)
Taffy was excited about the entire project!
And I made Deviled Egg take a picture of me.
I stained like crazy!
Staining comes super easy to me
- my mom taught me how to do that from a YOUNG age!
Right, mom?!
Kotten Kandy loves service!
Father and Son
More of my favorite kids!
Ben telling the girls a whopper of a story.
Kotten Kandy
LOTS of blocks!  LOTS of work!  LOTS of time!
GREAT kid!
While we were working on the Eagle Scout project, Key Lime Pie was also rendering service in Colorado!  She helped in a soup kitchen with her church friends.  She's a great example too!  I sure have hope for our future with people like Taffy, Kiara and Kotten Kandy!
Key Lime Pie with Shanae
I wanted more selfies... So I got this!
Love this kid!


Every year I am even more proud of these amazing students of mine!  Thursday was our spring concert, and each kid ROCKED it!  I am so blessed to get to work with these amazing kids and share my love of music with them!  I was super proud of each and everyone of them!
The most wonderful kids I know - I teach!
The cupcake grand piano was created by Sheila!
She's amazing!
This week has been super fun walking with Jelly Bean and Raisin....  Jelly Bean has kept us in stitches.  He informed us, after Amy said she almost murdered a few kids, that "murder is illegal."  Good to know!  And then he also "taught a spider a lesson: not to come into his house again!" - he taught the lesson by stomping on said spider....  So funny!
And Raisin likes her drinks!
Then Kotten Kandy took a bunch of selfies and random pictures with some of our kids:
Apple Pie with Kotten Kandy
Marmalade and Kotten Kandy enjoying their lollipops!
High Five with Jelly Bean
And I got to go out to dinner with Scott and some of his work crew to this yummy restaurant:
I ADORE Paige!
And I LOVE this cute guy!  I'm blessed!

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Kotten Kandy decided to discover new places and new adventures this past week "on her own."  (Read:  without her family)  She joined the Coolbear family and vacationed to Washington DC and Virginia to attend a homeschool conference.  On the way she got to attend the Washington DC temple, meet grandma and grandpa Coolbear and go to the beach.  At the conference she attended a lot of amazing classes (including a writing class that really had her excited).  She also took a dance class and got to use her new dance skills at the dance.  She had a blast!  I can't wait to hear more details tonight... she's on her way home now.  (And she was so busy that she didn't call as often as or long as this mom would have liked....  But I'm glad she had such a wonderful time!  And I'm glad the Coolbears took such good care of my baby girl!)
These cute kids went to the temple!
Taffy, Apple Muffin, Maple, Kotten Kandy and Juice 2
(not the same as Juice - who has the same name...  😉)
Kotten Kandy loves the temple of the Lord!
And Maple is definitely in her element too!
Kotten Kandy
Isn't this a beautiful reflection picture of the House of the Lord?!
Climbing Trees
Uncle Josh had a "cool" car!
Sunrise at the beach!
Funny kids!
Not enough beach pictures in my opinion...
But at least she took a couple....
They all got sunburned.
The gang at the dance class!
And then there was the dance....
Rice Krispie with Kotten Kandy
Taffy and Kotten Kandy dancing....