Friday, May 5, 2017


Opening Night!  These kids worked SUPER hard!  And I was so proud of all of them!  They are a talented group of homeschoolers!  I'm soooo blessed to be associated with these great kids!  I'm also really proud of my talented friend, Amy, who wrote the play!  I really love her and "my kids" in the show - especially the Fox!  Kotten Kandy rocked her role!
The cutest Sly Fox in the world!
Chicken Little was scared of everything!
Nuts was the perfect scaredy cat... I mean, chicken!
Marmalade was perfect as a fearsome cat...
although she was too pretty to be too scary.
Scott and I couldn't stop laughing during this
cute duet by the Owl and the Gingerbread Man!
Taffy was the perfect leading man!
And I love Rice Krispie!
Tony made a cameo as a nervous bird!
He was awesome!
These two girls singing about pizza was fabulous!
"On a Monday, I've got pizza love!"
The frogs were adorable!
Apple Muffin made everyone smile!
She's a natural performer!
Apple Pie was a perfect frog in his froggy raincoat!
Our Crow nailed her part!  And I was super proud of her!
Too bad that Kotten Kandy stole her cookie!
Sweet Tarts was a beautiful peacock!
And Kotten Kandy loved sharing a moment
on stage with her buddy, Almond Joy... aka Mouse #1.
Contemplating Mr. Frog's death....
And my favorite song?!  Upstanding Citizen!  Love that Owl and Fox together.....
They really stole the show!
I was spoiled by these great kids!  And I feel so loved!
I was the lucky one... I got to work with these amazing students!


  1. Oohhhh, wish I could have been there. But, the real truth is, I wish Amy could have been there. Sometimes things work out in ways you'd never have guessed. Looks like loads of fun though. The video of the owl and the fox was extra special! Thanks for sharing. Mom/Mil

  2. Such talent all around! :D
    PS - Hope Amy is recovering well.