Sunday, May 7, 2017


Soooo... it was Derby yesterday!  And it was an unusually busy one for our family!  And we had to divide and conquer.  Kiara ran a 5K with her cousin, Fig Newton and Scott went to a Derby party - complete with great friends, LDS approved, mint julips and Derby pie, and Kotten Kandy went to a bonfire with Taffy (and didn't take pictures!  😢)  I cross-stitched.  And LOVED the quiet time... I'm almost finished with my lighthouse project.
Billy, Shanae and Kiara - before the race!
Ready to go!
Key Lime Pie made a new friend and running buddy!
They kept each other going!
IHOP after the race was perfect for these racers!
Key Lime Pie and Shaved Ice cooking in the kitchen!
Great helpers!
Apple Jacks, Chex and Fig Newton watching the Derby!
I LOVE Trina's collection of Derby hats!
Derby Pie is the BEST!
Doug and Scott...
It was a fun day!  I'm super proud of my sweet, eldest daughter!  I'm grateful for the Fieldings!  They are so amazing!  And I'm mad at Kotten Kandy for forgetting to take pictures for her mother....  😆

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