Sunday, May 21, 2017


Kotten Kandy decided to discover new places and new adventures this past week "on her own."  (Read:  without her family)  She joined the Coolbear family and vacationed to Washington DC and Virginia to attend a homeschool conference.  On the way she got to attend the Washington DC temple, meet grandma and grandpa Coolbear and go to the beach.  At the conference she attended a lot of amazing classes (including a writing class that really had her excited).  She also took a dance class and got to use her new dance skills at the dance.  She had a blast!  I can't wait to hear more details tonight... she's on her way home now.  (And she was so busy that she didn't call as often as or long as this mom would have liked....  But I'm glad she had such a wonderful time!  And I'm glad the Coolbears took such good care of my baby girl!)
These cute kids went to the temple!
Taffy, Apple Muffin, Maple, Kotten Kandy and Juice 2
(not the same as Juice - who has the same name...  😉)
Kotten Kandy loves the temple of the Lord!
And Maple is definitely in her element too!
Kotten Kandy
Isn't this a beautiful reflection picture of the House of the Lord?!
Climbing Trees
Uncle Josh had a "cool" car!
Sunrise at the beach!
Funny kids!
Not enough beach pictures in my opinion...
But at least she took a couple....
They all got sunburned.
The gang at the dance class!
And then there was the dance....
Rice Krispie with Kotten Kandy
Taffy and Kotten Kandy dancing....


  1. Looks like she had a blast! And even took some pictures - impressive considering she doesn't like to take them. She must like her mom a little bit ;)

  2. Kiara clued me in on these pics of Katia. It does look like a really fun time for her. Kiara also shared the video taken at the dance. I'd say they were having a great time! Reminded me of the dance lessons Gary and I took quite a few years back...way fun experience! MOM/Mil