Friday, September 28, 2012


We just spent a week in Middleton, Idaho.  It was WONDERFUL!  And, I can't believe I forgot to take pictures....  :-(

Scott had a director's meeting in Idaho.  I tagged along so I could spend some time with my baby brother and his family!  They are AMAZING!  We had so much fun with them.  Ben and Kristi have six TERRIFIC children.  I wish I could have brought all of them home with me.  They are all well behaved and fun to visit with.

Scott and I got to relax with Ben and Kristi as we played games almost every night.  Our new favorite games are:  Le Havre and Stone Age.

One night, Ben spoiled us rotten by taking us to see Les Miserables.  It was FANTASTIC!  Jean Valjean blew me away with his falsetto and incredible voice!  And I fell in love with the cute actor who played Gavroche.  I even shed a tear when he was shot.  I LOVE this show (and I can't wait for the film this December!)

We also got to go to soccer games for the four oldest kids.  It was fun to see them excel and develop their talents.  Ben's kids are also homeschooled and I got to watch them read, and learn, and grow!  It was so fun!

I wish I could show how cute my nieces and nephews are.  I can't believe how negligent I was in taking photos.  I guess I was having too much fun to realize my mistake.  Next time I'll do better.

But before I sign off, I must say that Ben and Kristi are great parents.  Their kids are happy, healthy and contributing members of their family.  Kristi is patient and nurturing.  Ben is fun and involved.  I am proud to call them family!

Friday, September 14, 2012


We started a Homeschool Co-Op in Shelbyville!  For those of you who do not know what a co-op is:  It is where families share their academic goals and morals.  Parents gather together to share their special skills with one another and the children; each of these skills makes its way into the curriculum to benefit the academic life skills program for the students.  Each parent participates by teaching a class, or volunteering as an aide, or nursery "babysitter" for those parents who have babies.

Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy were REALLY excited to "start school" on Monday.  (Our co-op is every Monday for three months, each semester.)   The girls (including their best friend, Applesauce) are taking four classes:  Science, Show Choir, Government and Literature.  They were pretty excited about all their classes.

I am also teaching three classes:  General Music, Show Choir and Recorders.  I volunteer the last hour in the Literature class (because I want to read the same books the girls are reading and because my best friend, Amy, is teaching the class!)

I'll write more about the classes at a later date....  But I wanted to let you see the girls' new outfits.  (They each purchased their clothes themselves - to celebrate the first day of our Shelbyville Co-Op!)

 Key Lime Pie
 Kotten Kandy
The two pretties girls in Shelbyville (and I'd venture to day in the world - but they think I'm prejudice!)


Remember the last time an original Broadway musical made you laugh, cry and think — in the right places, and for the right reasons?  Wicked did that!!!!!

We got to see the Broadway musical, Wicked, last night (Thursday, September 13th).  The show was incredible with it's catchy Stephen Schwartz score, colorful, slightly wacky costumes and wigs, and amazing talented cast.  I was mesmerized and enchanted.  (So were Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy!)

Wicked is a tongue-in-cheek back story about what was happening in the Land of Oz before Dorothy and Toto arrived by way of tornado.  The story centers around Glinda, the good witch, and Elphaba, the wicked witch of the west (or as my daughters used to say, "she's actually a misunderstood, green girl.")   The musical also explains how the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion came to be.

The score is fantastic.  If you're a Wicked fan, you already know that.  Stephen Schwartz is my favorite modern day composer.  (He also composed Pippin, Children of Eden, Godspell and many other great shows.)  Wicked was truly amazing.  I read once that Schwartz's goal was to write a musical about two good friends that brought out the same emotions felt in Rogers and Hammerstein's The King and I.  I think he delivered.  

Not every musical needs morals, but this one teaches some great truths about friendship and blindly swallowing spoon-fed information.  It also teaches:  Being popular is not the most important reason for living; don't judge people by the color of their skin; if you call someone "a wicked witch' enough, others will begin to believe it; and hatred and authoritarianism flourish when a population looses it's free speech.  I hope my daughters learn those lessons....  I'm sooooo glad I could share this evening with my family.  

Anyone who knows me (and my Broadway-loving family) knows that Les Miserables has been my absolute favorite musical up until now; but I believe Wicked has taken it's place as #1.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


On Friday night, I was lucky enough to meet a special missionary.  Elder Crook is "special" because he is the son of one of blogging friends.  Here's the story:

I LOVE reading blogs.  But I rarely reply to posts... unless I know the person personally.  About a year ago I found a blog about music and religion.  I instantly began following this amazing blogger.  She made me smile and I related to all her posts.  When she sent out a plea for guest posts a few months later, I surprised myself by volunteering.  She became a friend.  The more I learned about this talented woman, the more I liked her and felt honored calling her a friend.  Imagine my astonishment, (and hers) when her son was called a mission  to Louisville, Kentucky.  And I was even more excited when I learned that he was serving in my friends, the Schmids, branch.  I got myself invited over for dinner so I could meet him.  I took tons of pictures for Lesa....  He is a great kid!  I would adopt him in a heart beat.  He loves music and theater!  Which is right up my alley!  I really enjoyed getting to know him.

Here are some of the pictures I took:

 Scott, Elder Crook, Me, Key Lime Pie, Kotten Kandy
 Elder Crook
The Schmids and Elder Crook

Friday, September 7, 2012


We all love the TV show "Once Upon a Time."  And our favorite character is Snow White.  I thought her cute hair cut would be perfect on Kotten Kandy.  I was right:

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Key Lime Pie decided to donate her hair to locks of love.  She gave 8 inches.  And I think she looks beautiful!