Friday, September 28, 2012


We just spent a week in Middleton, Idaho.  It was WONDERFUL!  And, I can't believe I forgot to take pictures....  :-(

Scott had a director's meeting in Idaho.  I tagged along so I could spend some time with my baby brother and his family!  They are AMAZING!  We had so much fun with them.  Ben and Kristi have six TERRIFIC children.  I wish I could have brought all of them home with me.  They are all well behaved and fun to visit with.

Scott and I got to relax with Ben and Kristi as we played games almost every night.  Our new favorite games are:  Le Havre and Stone Age.

One night, Ben spoiled us rotten by taking us to see Les Miserables.  It was FANTASTIC!  Jean Valjean blew me away with his falsetto and incredible voice!  And I fell in love with the cute actor who played Gavroche.  I even shed a tear when he was shot.  I LOVE this show (and I can't wait for the film this December!)

We also got to go to soccer games for the four oldest kids.  It was fun to see them excel and develop their talents.  Ben's kids are also homeschooled and I got to watch them read, and learn, and grow!  It was so fun!

I wish I could show how cute my nieces and nephews are.  I can't believe how negligent I was in taking photos.  I guess I was having too much fun to realize my mistake.  Next time I'll do better.

But before I sign off, I must say that Ben and Kristi are great parents.  Their kids are happy, healthy and contributing members of their family.  Kristi is patient and nurturing.  Ben is fun and involved.  I am proud to call them family!

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  1. OKay, now I'm sure of it! You DO play more than the rest of us... Well, maybe Tara and her kids keep up with you, but that would be about all...
    Sounds like more fun times in Idaho. Glad it got Scott back on course, and that you all had a good time. Mil