Friday, January 25, 2013


This post is a bit random.  I'm writing it because my daughter, Key Lime Pie, was complaining that I hadn't written anything on my blog lately...  It has been a difficult couple of weeks and writing on the blog has taken a back seat to dealing with a miscarriage, the loss of my grandfather, and a bit of depression.  With that said, I thought I would write about some random GOOD things that have happened in the past few weeks.
The highlight of my grandfather's funeral was Friday night when my AWESOME little brothers: Zane and Ben, and their wives took my sister: G.J., her husband, Scott and I out to dinner.  A sibling outing was just what I needed after such icky news all week.  We had a blast visiting, catching up, laughing and being together.  I really have an amazing family and I'm so glad Heavenly Father put me in it.  We joke that I am the odd one in the group, but I'm glad they claim me anyway.
I have wonderful children.  They have been so fun to be around lately.  And they have done all their work (school and house) so cheerfully.  When I feel a bit sad about loosing our baby, I remember the two beautiful daughters I have and I rejoice in their innate goodness and virtue.  I am blessed!
We are listening to a GREAT book right now, thanks to my little brother, Ben.  It is called "The Way of Kings."  There are so many great lessons in this epic fantasy novel.  And we enjoy the story.  We have even picked up some of the language.  Instead of saying "Darn!" we now say "Storm it!"  And my husband has taken to calling me "Brightness."  :-)  It makes me smile!
I have been making cards the past few weeks.  It's fun to stamp and cut and fold and glue again.  I enjoy crafting and there is something extremely therapeutic about creating.  I've almost got my Christmas cards done for 2013.  (I know I am crazy!)

Monday, January 7, 2013


My Grandad White died yesterday.  He was 87.  And he is one of the greatest men I have ever known.  He has taught me so much.

When I was a child Grandad taught me to value family.  We had White family reunions often.  One year we went to Ragged Mountain.  Grandad wrote new words to the tune "Battle Hymn of the Republic."  The entire family would sing at the top of our lungs:
          Glory, Glory Ragged Mountain!
          Glory, Glory Ragged Mountain!
          Glory, Glory Ragged Mountain!
          God Bless this eternal family!
Even though his accomplishments did not affect the entire world, he made a difference in the lives of his family.

Grandad also taught me to value the gospel.  I heard horror stories about Grandad's youth before he joined the Church.  The stories consisted of a foul-mouthed sailor who smoked cigars and antagonized young missionaries.  His conversion changed his life and consequently changed the life of his entire posterity.  He served as a bishop, in stake presidencies, in mission presidencies, and as a temple sealer.  (He sealed/married Scott and I for time and all eternity!)  He served a full-time mission with Grandma T.  He truly loves his Savior and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  His example has cultivated a love of the gospel in my life also.

My grandfather watched his wife, his only love, pass away.  But he eased her passing in every way he could.  He loved and cared for her.  I learned the importance of an eternal companion from Grandad.

Grandad also served our country in the navy during WWII.  His devotion to America and his love for our great nation was evident always.  His example influenced my view of our great country.

Grandad is not only a great example and a great teacher, he is a great man!   I am lucky and proud to call him my Grandpa!  I'll miss him.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


It's true!  We are expecting baby number 3!  We are sooooooooo excited!  And we definitely feel our Heavenly Father's love at this blessing in our lives.  We are grateful for His faith in us to be parents again.  Yes, we are old.  (I am 40.)  Yes, there will be 13 years between our youngest daughter and this new little miracle.  But we are thrilled beyond belief!