Sunday, November 17, 2013


I am so sorry that I have been missing in action the last two weeks.  I haven't been feeling well...
I just finished reading "David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants" by Malcolm Gladwelll last night. The main message of this book is that underdogs and disadvantaged people who have experienced difficulty can actually be at an advantage because of it.  It was inspiring and helped me to think outside of the box.  I never thought of David having the upper-hand in the story of David and Goliath, but Gladwell helped me to have a paradigm shift.  David rose to the challenge of fighting Goliath and made use of what he was given in order to overcome the insurmountable odds he faced.  We can do the same thing!  I loved reading this book.
Scott and I have been making our Christmas gifts this year together.  Last year we decided to do a "home-made Christmas gift exchange" with our daughters.  It was a huge success, so we decided to do it again.  We are branching out and making our gifts for my family and his family too.  It has been so much fun working along side my husband and creating.  We love working together.  And I am truly blessed that he is such a marvelous, creative man who enjoys spending time with me.  (I would mention what we are making, but people who are receiving these gifts read this blog.  You will just have to wait until after Christmas to see.)
Speaking of Christmas.  I LOVE Christmas music!  My favorite Christmas carol is "Silent Night."  I love the message.  I love the simplicity.  I love the melody.  But all Christmas music puts a smile on my face!  I'm one of those people who gets really excited that two radio stations start playing Christmas music the day after Halloween!  There are only two songs/singers who I don't care for when it comes to Christmas music:  I don't like the song "Santa Baby."  It is way too commercial and I'll turn it off.  I also don't care for Elvis' Christmas tunes - just don't think his voice is right for Christmas music.
It's definitely turning into winter here.  It is raining like crazy this morning.  And we had a dusting of snow last week.  The trees are bare and I have to scrape my windows to take my daughters to seminary every morning now.  I know a lot of people love winter.  I like it as long as I'm indoors and WARM.  I do not like to be cold.  I prefer summer!
I need to give a shout out to one of my good friends, Jan Melanson!  She is amazing!  She is always willing to help teach my daughters sewing, cooking, canning, etc.  We try to go visit her every Thursday and have such a great time spending time with her.  She is talented, kind, long-suffering, and a great role model for me and my kiddos.  I love spending time with her.  And so do K2!
Key Lime Pie went to a stake dance last weekend.  The theme was 80s.  It is really humbling when your daughter is laughing about the "ridiculous hair-dos" I used to wear in my teens.  While she and her friends were getting ready for the dance, Scott and I put on our 80s play lists for them.  It was so fun to reminisce and jam to Metallica, Wham, Debbie Gibson, Phil Collins, and Paula Abdul.  I think the girls looked great... except they wouldn't let me do their hair bigger....  They really needed taller.....  I tried.  I even bought AquaNet hairspray.  The highlight of the dance, for Key Lime Pie, was when a boy got down on his knees to ask her for a dance.  Whoa!  My daughter is growing up too fast.
P.S.  Can you believe we used to dress up like this on purpose in the 80s?!
Kotten Kandy spoke in Church last week.  She did an amazing job.  Everyone said they couldn't believe she wrote her own talk.  She is wise beyond her years and sounds like an adult when it comes to spiritual things.  She truly loves studying the gospel.  I am a proud mama!