Friday, July 17, 2015


I've been reading again.  Here are some of my thoughts and reviews:
Deliverance from Depression by G.G. Vandagriff is a SHORT book about depression and using the Atonement of Christ to help find hope and healing throughout the process.  As most of the people who read this blog know, I suffer from clinical depression.  After reading this book, I wanted my husband to read it so he could maybe understand what it was like to have a chemical imbalance in my brain.  I related to G.G. and her son as they described their depression, turmoil, pain and despair.  I hoped that my husband could relate to G.G.'s husband in the third part of the book.  I liked reading all three points of view, and found it very insightful.  If you, or someone you know, is suffering from a mental illness, I recommend reading this book.  At the very least, it will help people to understand what depression is like.
Being Happy! by Andrew Matthews was another easy read.  After reading about the struggle of depression, I needed a book that was a bit more upbeat.  This one was recommended to me by a good friend, Trina.  It was a good reminder of the simple things that make us happy throughout our lives.  It is a cheerful book and has a great message.  The advice the author shares is common-sense advice that we all know we should be following, but often we get off-track, or forget.  I enjoyed the reminders.  And I also enjoyed the cartoon illustrations that accompanied each thought.  I definitely recommend this book!
And I finished reading No Easy Day by Mark Owen last night.  I normally wouldn't read a book like this.  It is the story of a Navy SEAL, an elite special operations warrior.  The climax of the book was the raid and death of Osama Bin Laden.  After reading a "military book" I've decided:
- The amount of dedication and commitment required by SEALs is amazing.  They are often away from family and friends for LONG periods of time with little or no contact.  And their time training and honing their skills is insane.  For those two reasons, I could NEVER be a SEAL, and I could NEVER be related to one.  BUT I respect them and think of them as heroes.
- I didn't think this book was political at all.  It also was not egotistical or self-aggrandizing.  It has been accused of both.  I felt this book was really just Mark's perspective, and it could apply to many SEALs.
I'm glad I read this unusual (for me) genre.  But I will warn those who want to read it: there is some foul language.  Actually, I was surprised that there wasn't more offensive language than there is in the book.  These are hardened soldiers who don't have the same commitment to clean language and other values that I have been raised with and consider important.
On another, unrelated note:  Someone, somewhere has a great sense of humor.  We saw Papa Smurf on our walk the other day under a wild mushroom.  I had to get a picture.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Last weekend my daughters got to go to Kirkland, OH for Youth Conference.  They had a great time!  They especially enjoyed spending time together (they were roommates) and with a couple of good girl friends from church.  They enjoyed learning about church history and singing to High School Musical on the bus!  I'm glad they had such a wonderful time!
My pretty daughters!
The girls were photo-bombed.
They had no idea who he was....
Their group outside the Newl K. Whitney Store.
Last night is rained.  And it rained.  And it rained.  The thunder kept me awake....  This morning we decided that it was "clear" enough to go for our 3 mile walk.  (We walk three days a week... at the Egg Lawn.)  It was completely impassable!  If we wanted to walk today we needed a boat!  These pictures don't do our flooded trail justice.  It was CRAZY!  Check it out:
There is usually a bench on the left in front of the trees, off the path...
We walk on the sidewalk beside the fence...
Water come right up to the sidewalk here....
Kotten Kandy and Apple Pie can't believe their eyes.

Monday, July 6, 2015


My sister is an amazing photographer.  Check out these photogenic beauties (including her new puppy, Leia.)
Short Bread, Leia, Kotten Kandy and Shaved Ice
Isn't she beautiful?
Cousins and Dogs
Wild flowers!  And my daughter!
Sweet Girls!
Kotten Kandy loved Leia!
This picture makes me laugh!
I love these "tree huggers!"
Leia in Shaved Ice's cowboy hat....
I love this girl!
Kotten Kandy and Leia
Silly Girls!
My favorite flower is a Columbine....
This is a picture of two of my favorite things!
Love these girls!
Life is good!


We had a VERY quiet Fourth of July.  It was just right for us!  We  BBqed hamburgers and played games.  Amy, Jelly Bean and Twiz joined us.  Then we ended the evening at the movies watching a FABULOUS new movie, Inside Out.  I HIGHLY recommend it.
This movie is a wonderful story about learning to handle your emotions.  It is told from the perspective of the feelings inside 11-year-old Riley's mind.  I actually cried.  It was a beautiful movie with lots of positive messages and deep, thought-provoking moments.  We definitely need to feel and express ALL of our emotions, whether happy or sad.
Jelly Bean with his "bloo icee"
Scott had just "shot" Jelly Bean...
This is his DRAMATIC death scene.
Key Lime Pie and Twiz
Kotten Kandy


Kotten Kandy learned how to butcher rabbits this vacation.  It was difficult.  But it was a skill she felt she needed to learn.  Thank you to Aunt G.J. and Brother Sawyer for teaching Short Bread and my daughter how to be more self reliant.  Both girls didn't actually kill the rabbits, but they did everything else.  It was gruesome, but educational.  They are grateful for the experience and it made Kotten Kandy more grateful for knowing where her food comes from.


Before we left for Colorado, Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy also went to see Jurassic World for a second time.  They loved it!
Kotten Kandy and Key Lime Pie also went to girls camp the week before we left for Colorado.  While they were gone, Twiz and I painted Key Lime Pie's room.  Here is the finished project:
While we were in Colorado, Key Lime Pie and Twiz spent time playing games, and jet skiing.  They had fun!


Kotten Kandy and I just got home from Colorado.  We went to visit my family.  We had a WONDERFUL time!  And we already miss Mil, Grandpa Mac, and the Hondas!  Here's a few pictures and activities from our trip:
First we went to Ouray!  Ouray is special to Scott and I.  We spent our Honeymoon there.  It is truly a gorgeous place....
Kotten Kandy with our cousins:  Shaved Ice and Shortbread
We had to get a picture of this unusual vehicle.
(Mostly I just wanted to bug my sister who has a "thing" about eyeballs.)
What an odd sight!
Mil and Kotten Kandy
Selfie with my daughter!
Cousins at Box Springs!
The water was so loud and strong!
God makes amazingly beautiful places for us to enjoy!
Swimming at the Ouray natural hot springs pool.
We also went yard selling!  Kotten Kandy and her cousin, Shortbread got roller-blades!
They felt like they were flying!
Mil, Kotten Kandy and I crafted a lot!  We made these cute little post-it note books and decorated little boxes.
These are mine!
These are Mil's!
We had so much fun that Kotten Kandy couldn't keep her eyes open.