Monday, July 6, 2015


Kotten Kandy and I just got home from Colorado.  We went to visit my family.  We had a WONDERFUL time!  And we already miss Mil, Grandpa Mac, and the Hondas!  Here's a few pictures and activities from our trip:
First we went to Ouray!  Ouray is special to Scott and I.  We spent our Honeymoon there.  It is truly a gorgeous place....
Kotten Kandy with our cousins:  Shaved Ice and Shortbread
We had to get a picture of this unusual vehicle.
(Mostly I just wanted to bug my sister who has a "thing" about eyeballs.)
What an odd sight!
Mil and Kotten Kandy
Selfie with my daughter!
Cousins at Box Springs!
The water was so loud and strong!
God makes amazingly beautiful places for us to enjoy!
Swimming at the Ouray natural hot springs pool.
We also went yard selling!  Kotten Kandy and her cousin, Shortbread got roller-blades!
They felt like they were flying!
Mil, Kotten Kandy and I crafted a lot!  We made these cute little post-it note books and decorated little boxes.
These are mine!
These are Mil's!
We had so much fun that Kotten Kandy couldn't keep her eyes open.

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  1. Ohhhh, you can't come back?! I have more fun crafts we could do. We could go to Aspen this time. And we could play Scrabble! When will you leave?