Thursday, June 18, 2015


The girls are at Girls Camp this week.  I have really, REALLY missed them.  But their absence has given me an opportunity to do a huge project for Key Lime Pie, and get to know my daughter’s boyfriend, Twiz, better.
First:  I went to my first “Cow Show” at the Shelby County Fair on Tuesday.  Why?  To take pictures of Twiz for Key Lime Pie.  It was fascinating!  It was fun to see Twiz lead the cows.  He seemed really good at it.  (Although I didn’t understand much of what was going on.)  And it was really fun to people watch too.  I got to meet Twiz’s grandparents.  Who seemed really neat.  And I like his family.  They were all nice to me, despite being really busy.  Guess what?!  Twiz won the grand prize with this cow: 
This is the award winning cow....
Not sure who the girl is... She's holding the sign?!
Twiz's mom, Twiz, ? Girl, and Twiz's PahPaw
Twiz and his little brother
This picture is my favorite!
I know Key Lime Pie loved it!
He smiled just for her!
And yes, Key Lime Pie LOVED the pictures I sent her at camp.  Twiz really is a cowboy!  (Not really.  But really.  He’s a hard worker.)

And speaking of hard work.  Twiz and I spent over 16 hours on a HUGE project this week.  We are surprising Key Lime Pie with a “new” room.  When we moved into this house over a year ago, Key Lime Pie loved having her own room, but wasn’t too fond of the old fashioned wallpaper.  So Twiz and I took it down and painted her room purple.  It was difficult.  It was exhausting.  But it’s rewarding.  And we are both looking forward to Key Lime Pie’s reaction when she gets home tomorrow.  For me it was fun getting to talk to Twiz.  He’s a great kid.  And I think he’s got amazing potential.
See how tall this boy is?
He really sacrificed time and comfort for my daughter!
I hated taking off wallpaper....  But it's done!


  1. Can't wait to meet this cowboy! Maybe in Aug. when we come??? =) Sounds like a good one!

  2. Oh and beautiful cow - is that a Jersey?

  3. Twiiz was more than just a help, wasn't he? Thanks, Twiz! Your cow pictures are fun too, and congratulations on the win! ;)
    Wish I could be there to see Kiara's face when she enters her room. That will be one of those "way-wonderful" moments that I'm sure her Mom will capture a picture of, right? Of course, right! Gram Mil/Mom