Tuesday, June 9, 2015


This post is about my amazing husband, who celebrated his 42 birthday yesterday!  He is my hero!  (Hence the Captain America shirt.)  And he LOVED the Guarana the girls got him from Brazil.
But first, two selfies Kotten Kandy took.  They are too cute not to post:
Yesterday we celebrated Scott.  Since it was his birthday AND Family Home Evening, we decided to talk about fatherhood and being a husband.  Raising two daughters, it is important to me that they realize the importance of eventually marrying a good man who has good ideals, goals and values.  As we discussed what makes a good husband and father, I realized how truly wonderful Scott is.
Righteous fathers and husbands teach about the gospel and prepare their families for lives of service and righteousness.  I love what President Ezra Taft Benson says when he states:  "Fatherhood is not a matter of station or wealth.  It is a matter of desire, diligence, and determination to see one's family exalted in the celestial kingdom.  If that prize is lost, nothing else really matters."
We discussed righteous examples from our fathers.  Scott is definitely a righteous example of service.  He LOVES to serve.  (In fact, service is his main love language....)  He loves to help others wherever he can and however he can.  He helps Key Lime Pie in the kitchen.  He helps Kotten Kandy in the garden.  And he helps me by working beside me in my chores.  He also loves serving his extended family and his church family.  What a great example my husband is.
Fathers also have an important responsibility to oversee the physical and spiritual well-being of their families.  And I know that Scott is able to receive modern-day revelation to help guide us.  He has used that revelation to benefit us often.  I'm grateful he is worthy to receive it.
My husband also teaches us often of spiritual things.  One of his favorite past times is to have spiritual discussions with us.  We love learning from him and with him about our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Righteous husbands never give up on their families... no matter how flawed they are.  I struggle with depression.  I'm sure that it is often difficult for Scott to stay positive when I am down.  But he strengthens me and builds me up emotionally.  He never gives up on me - or my daughters.
Scott is definitely leaving an eternal legacy for us.  I know that as a mother, I could not raise the two wonderful daughters I have without the help I receive from Scott.  He is my strength.  And I am truly grateful for his sacrifice and love.
I pray that my own daughters will find men, like their dad, who have the "desire, diligence and determination" to help them return and live with their families and Heavenly Father again someday.


  1. Amen - I done good when I picked Him!!! :)

  2. Your 'tribute' to Scott is deserved and true. I thank Heavenly Father for him all the time and realize what a blessing he is in our family. Give him a message, please.
    Love to all, Mom

  3. You and your husband both seem wonderful!!