Monday, June 8, 2015


I love being a mother to sisters! Maybe because I love my own sister so much - and I'm grateful that Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy are such close friends/sisters.  And "adopted" sisters are also fun!
Last week my daughters, Jan and I made 157 jars of jellies and jams.  We made blackberry jam, raspberry jam, strawberry rhubarb, grape jelly, apple jelly, pear jelly and multiple other kinds.  We spent two whole days in the kitchen.  But it was fun!  And it was delicious!  And it was nice to spend time with "sisters!"
Last week we also got to see Twizzler and Key Lime Pie for a few minutes before they left to see a movie.  (My daughter took this picture - and since he's smiling... I'm using it!)  Twiz was telling us about showing cows at the fair.  (Yes, Key Lime Pie is dating a REAL cowboy - which I think is totally cool, but he says he isn't a "real" cowboy.)  Anyways... Twiz says he'd show us how he "leads cows."  And Kotten Kandy pipes up and says, "Great!  Key Lime Pie, get down on all fours and be the cow!"  Spoken like a true sister!  We all laughed!  (Key Lime Pie just turned red.)
I finished reading a GREAT book!  I borrowed it from another "sister!"  Trina Fielding recommended "The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax" by Dorothy Gilman.  I LOVED it!  This book is delightful!  This is the first book in the Mrs. Pollifax series.  It is about a 62 year old widow who decides to volunteer to be a spy with the CIA.  When a mix-up occurs, she finds herself on an adventure that sends her around the globe, tests her patience, strength and determination.  She is charming.  And I truly loved this easy read.  I want to read the rest of the series.  I think Mrs. Pollifax and I are sisters in spirit!
We celebrated June birthdays yesterday with our friends, the Bettenhausens and Thorntons.  We BBQed, ate cake and played games.  Lots of fun!  Happy Birthday, Kotten Kandy, Scott, Mark and Amy!  We love all of you!  (Amy is my sister from another mother!)
Today I spent the day taking pictures of my daughters and their good friend, Muffin.  Muffin is moving.  And so we decided to do a final photo shoot.  There are a lot of pictures, but they are so cute.  These sisters will miss their friend....  Here are a few:
Charlie's Angels?!  :-)
We got the glasses at the dollar store and 
popped out the lenses for a hipster look....
Too cool!
Just chillin'!
Let's Dance!
Beautiful girls!
Qdoba rocks!
Nothing better than lunch.... with sisters!
Key Lime Pie
Kotten Kandy
The same pose that is on the shirt...
Cinderella, Belle and Aurora hipsters


  1. What beautiful girls. Three is company. Friends and family are so much fun to have and share good times with. I can' t wait to eat all the jellies and jams. Yummy!!!

  2. I love it! I love my sister too... there aint no doubt about it - - - Sisters Rock!!!!!

  3. A very varied blog for sure...
    You really did as much jam and jelly as you said! A picture is worth a thousand words. "Hi" Twizzler!
    Can you bring Mrs. Pollifax with you when you come? I think I'd like to borrow it for a while?
    Amy's BD cake is very nice, and I want to add one thing just for Scott: HAPPY KICK DAY!
    The KY models are cute as can be! Of course, like I said, they've had tons of practice. Sorry a good friend has to move on - not an easy thing.
    Love you ALL, Mom/Mil