Thursday, June 18, 2015


DeGooyer Day was huge!  Or should I say Jurassic!  We had soooooo much fun!  It’s definitely a favorite holiday at our house!
Scott designed the shirts (like always) and they are some of our favorites.  Unfortunately I've tried to download the "logo" on the back of the shirts but I can't.  It is the Jurassic Park logo but says "DeGooyer Day 2015"  It's totally AWESOME!
We even made name badges complete with job assignments at Jurassic World.  Scott was the Park Director. I was in charge of Animal Control.  Key Lime Pie was the Animal Feeder and Kotten Kandy was the Trainer.  We got multiple comments about our shirts and lanyards/badges.
We started the day with our traditional DeGooyer Day Donuts.  Then took a walk at the outlet mall, since Scott had not been there before.  We also got our lanyards there.
Following our walk, we ate lunch at Red Robin… although we decided we should rename it Red Pterodactyl for our purposes.
Bowling was next!  Scott won, but Kotten Kandy gave him a run for his money.  (Scott said his score was so low because his knee was bothering him.  Excuses.  Excuses.  Just kidding!)  Key Lime Pie always has fun bowling, but she doesn’t usually score well.  We all had a great time!
Dairy Queen has a Jurassic Blizzard out in honor of the movie that just came out.  We had to try it.  I loved it.  Key Lime Pie didn’t care for it.  Scott and Kotten Kandy said it needed chocolate ice-cream instead of vanilla.  But it was fun to get ice-cream anyways.
After bowling, we went home and just visited.  We talked about dinosaurs and Scott got out his childhood collection of dinosaur stuffed animals.  We shot the breeze until time for the movie, Jurassic World.  And the movie was AWESOME!  We screamed.  We laughed.  It was just what we expected from a Jurassic Park movie franchise.  It didn’t take itself too seriously and gave us enough screams to be just right for it’s genre.  It was the perfect end to our DeGooyer Day!

We can’t wait until next year’s DeGooyer Day!  This one will be hard to top!


  1. You four have enough fun for a whole country of people - or, I mean, if you spread the fun around, everyone everywhere would feel 'treated'! Face it. FUN must be spelled 'DeGooyer', right?! Our week together starting Sunday is going to be so much less, I'm worried I should be looking for things to do?!
    Love you all, Mom/Mil