Saturday, May 27, 2017


Every year I am even more proud of these amazing students of mine!  Thursday was our spring concert, and each kid ROCKED it!  I am so blessed to get to work with these amazing kids and share my love of music with them!  I was super proud of each and everyone of them!
The most wonderful kids I know - I teach!
The cupcake grand piano was created by Sheila!
She's amazing!
This week has been super fun walking with Jelly Bean and Raisin....  Jelly Bean has kept us in stitches.  He informed us, after Amy said she almost murdered a few kids, that "murder is illegal."  Good to know!  And then he also "taught a spider a lesson: not to come into his house again!" - he taught the lesson by stomping on said spider....  So funny!
And Raisin likes her drinks!
Then Kotten Kandy took a bunch of selfies and random pictures with some of our kids:
Apple Pie with Kotten Kandy
Marmalade and Kotten Kandy enjoying their lollipops!
High Five with Jelly Bean
And I got to go out to dinner with Scott and some of his work crew to this yummy restaurant:
I ADORE Paige!
And I LOVE this cute guy!  I'm blessed!


  1. If I hadn't been reading your blog, I would have forgotten to get cupcakes for my primary class tomorrow. Few, you saved the day!

  2. Did you know that you are as dependable as clock work? You catch smiles when they are totally abundant, but also when they are evasive and hard to find! Scott's smile - at a time of great pain - is "right there". He's part of the game!!! Mom/Mil