Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm under the weather today. :-( In fact, I'm sick enough to miss church (which is rare for me.) I've slept most of yesterday and this a.m., but I wanted to blog a few of the things that are rambling around in my head:

I have wonderful friends here in Kentucky! Terri Barber created beautiful wall art on her vinyl machine for my music room. The quote above the door really makes me smile... (Doctrine and Covenants 25:12) Isn't is beautiful! It's the small finishing touches that make a music room special!

My daughters have nicknamed me Yenta. (The reference is to "Fiddler on the Roof") Yenta is the matchmaker. And apparently, I have played matchmaker for my daughters in every ward we've ever been in. (I remind my daughters often that I get to pick out their husbands someday...) The two young men whom I have chosen for my daughters in this ward happen to be brothers. (I've already okayed the match with the boys' parents - so it's a done deal! - Besides I LOVE the parents and so I won't mind sharing with the in-laws!)

Spud (name has been changed to protect the innocent) is the oldest boy and the one I have picked for Key Lime Pie. He is SUPER smart. He wants to be a neurosurgeon. He also has a GREAT sense of humor. He plays the guitar and sings quite well! And he loves the gospel. He really has a testimony! He will make a perfect match for my eldest!

Asparagus (again, a name change) is the brother I picked out for Kotten Kandy. He also has a fun sense of humor. He is sensitive and fun to hang around. He loves hunting and out door activities. He has taught my daughter how to fish. And soon he promised to help us purchase a bow for my daughter. He knows A LOT about bow and arrows. And Kotten Kandy really loves shooting.... They can hunt together! Asparagus also loves the gospel!
I really am not trying to marry my daughters off young. I just love those two boys and since I don't have boys of my own, I figure I should do my part in helping my daughters look for righteous young men eventually.... I do love and miss my baby girls. Weren't they so cute?
Those pictures make me nostalgic for my babies!
One more thought for today: I never thought I would be an animal lover. But I do love my two dogs. Karmel has wormed her way into my heart. I think she senses that I am not well and has been cuddling with me all morning.


  1. CUTE GIRLS for sure. But no matter how cute the guys are, they shouldn't be looked at yet! (Spoken by a true grandma Mil.)

  2. And everyone knows it's the Papa (in this the Grandpapa) who makes the decision. Right? Of course right. So who are these two young whippersnappers? They look a little shiftless to me. Last one I saw hanging around with that look int their eye was named Scott.