Friday, February 24, 2012

Walking Man

My daughters and I just finished reading the most wonderful autobiographical novel EVER! We read "Walking Man" by Gary McCallister (aka. my dad) This book is not a complete history of my father's life. It is the story of his conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is full of spiritual thoughts he had as a child and in his teen years. It has questions and early memories of his growing up years. All the stories in the book are somewhat connected to his quest for learning the meaning of life.

My dad's gift of love has lead to many of our own thoughts and discussions about religion and what we believe. I'm soooooo grateful for his "novel." It has strengthened my own testimony to read my dad's conversion. It also helped strengthen by daughters' testimonies as well.

The girls are writing letters to the author to express their gratitude and to ask more questions about their grandfather's life. Key Lime Pie has even begun taking a family history class. She realized, through the book and talks by Elder Bednar, that she wanted to serve her ancestors by completing their temple work, etc. She's the youngest girl in the family history class, but she's loving it!

This book isn't available to purchase... yet. I hope dad will look into publishing it. I think it's a wonderful conversion story (it even has unusual religions, and a marvelous love story!)


  1. How neat! Be grateful for that testimony from your dad - it is priceless!

  2. Sounds like a sappy, weird, religious nut to me. You can't trust those religious fanatics. I'll just bet you're going to tell us he's one of them Mormons.