Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Scott and I went to Idaho and Utah last week for an adult-only, McCallister, family reunion.  We had a total blast and wish it could have lasted longer!  Spending time together was the best part of the experience, but coming in at a close second was attending a temple session together.  We also had fun learning about our pioneer ancestors and viewing beautiful art work from the Provo display "Sacred Gifts."
The whole clan:
Tara & Zane, Mil & Dad, G.J. & Ken
Sundy & Scott and Kristi & Ben
Did you know that I am a direct descendant of the pioneers that settled South Jordan?  We learned a lot about the wonderful women and men (my ancestors) who joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the 1800s.  Their stories of faith and devotion were inspirational to all of us.  My brothers, sister and I were excited to hear these stories and receive copies of them from my mom.  
This is the statue that celebrates the founding fathers
of South Jordan - which is our direct heritage!
We attended the Jordan River temple and enjoyed worshiping there with my family.
What a beautiful temple
(and Scott took his endowments out here!)
We also played games.
Great game!  And I actually didn't loose.  Right, Zane?!
We visited.
The McGirls:  G.J., Mil, Me, Tara and Kristi
My brothers got in a snowball fight.
Don't let his good looks fool you - Ben is trouble!
Zane thinks he's "the man!"  His throwing stance proves it!
And we attended "Sacred Gifts."  It was spectacular.  It was an opportunity to experience moments from Christ's ministry through the artistic talents of three painters: Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hofmann and Frans Schwartz.
Christus Consolator by Carl Bloch
This is one of my favorite paintings displayed.
The Mocking of Christ by Carl Bloch
Another one of my favorites.
Agony in the Garden by Frans Schwartz
This was Scott's favorite.
We played so hard that Zane, Ben and Dad couldn't keep their eyes open.....
Scott and I also had the opportunity to give our Christmas gifts to my family.  So now, you (the reader) can see what Scott and I spent hours creating for our family and daughters and friends for Christmas.  We call them General Conference Count-down Blocks.
Our Family Reunion was awesome!  And we can't wait to get together again...


  1. Our weekend ended way to soon!!! I loved every minute of it!!!

  2. What a great post! You did a better job of telling it all than I could have. The memories make me :) now and will for a long while... Mom

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