Saturday, February 22, 2014


We have been in the middle of a move... so I haven't been able to blog much. We are LOVING our new home and I'll take pictures soon so ya'll can see it.
Valentine's Day was the day before our move. Scott got a seed bouquet for our future garden.
He loved it!
And K2 got rings with their birthstones on them.
Key Lime Pie got an opal.
Kotten Kandy got a pearl.
Scott spoiled me with a printer (to replace ours from a few months ago.) There was lots of love at our house!
This morning the girls played basketball with their Young Women's team.
They won!
It was a fun game. And the girls looked great in their new, pink shirts!


  1. Pink is what I remember from the scan through! That's a good thing since it's February and Valentines Month. Oh, and Scott too. He wasn't wearing pink - another good thing!
    Rings are my one collection. I maybe told you that I recently got a honeycomb ring and a tree of life ring. When we come, I'll bring them to show you. Can't wait to see the opal and pearl rings too!!!
    Love YOU, Mil/Mon

  2. Wooo Hooo! Who knew my nieces would be basketball players and love it too! They must get a little something from their aunt :) I'm so proud of you guys!!!!

    All My Love - Aunt Gee