Sunday, June 15, 2014


For some strange reason - I can't post pictures.  :-(  I've tried and tried.  So here is the post... and I'll post pics later...

Girls Camp was wonderful!  I loved being with my daughters (and my 8 adopted daughters!)  Despite the fact that I was the unofficial ward camp leader, everything seemed to go off without a hitch.
The girls loved the “Be the Good” theme.  We changed it to “Be the Smurf” for our ward.  We also had Secret Sisters which was a huge hit with the girls.
Key Lime Pie was a 4th year.  Her 11 mile hike was “extremely difficult.”  But she survived.  Apparently, she struggled with breathing during some of it, but her “awesome YCCs” helped her.  She grew a lot.  I watched my oldest daughter become a strong leader this week.  She stepped up and lead the 1st years in singing primary songs and hymns.  She made new friends.  And she bore a beautiful, Christ-centered testimony during testimony meeting.  She is an amazing young woman!
Kotten Kandy was a 2nd year.  I got to chaperone her age group.  It was fun to watch her love some of the girls who were a bit more difficult to love.  She shared insights in the scriptures with her peers, she bore a beautiful testimony of Christ,  and she made everyone smile around her.  Her YCCs even recognized her sweet spirit and said they learned from her insightfulness in gospel topics.  She also wrote our skit and made Smurf hats for all the girls for the skit.  It was super cute!  I can’t believe she is growing up so fast.  I wish she would slow down.
We had 8 girls in our cabin (including my daughters).  We also “adopted” 2 other girls from other wards – Ms. Blech and Fred!  They are all such amazing young women.  I loved them all.
I had a great time bonding with these fabulous girls!  I really love them!  But I am SUPER glad to be home in my own “bed” and with my own shower.  I missed my cute, adorable, handsome, truly amazing husband!!!!!! 


  1. I really missed you all too. I am glad that you are able to enjoy Girls Camp with them and the other girls in the ward and help make it a fun and spiritual experience.

  2. Missed the pics of camp. Hope you can get those working soon. I do have wonderful nieces even if I do say so myself :) But what can one expect from such wonderful parents. LOLove!

  3. Me - Mil - here. Just chiming in with the other two! Guess I should tell you that I'm proud of a daughter who is willing to volunteer at the very last moment to help make camp for K & K a special one again this year. Their individual experiences sound like they, too, were selfless and caring about others. Fruit doesn't fall...