Tuesday, December 2, 2014


We had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with friends and family!  We truly felt blessed and enjoyed our company.
We always "break bread" for the homemade stuffing the night before Thanksgiving...
It's fun to "break bread" with family....
I truly love this cute husband of mine!
My BFF, Amy and her husband, Mark
Scott's brother, Brett and his wife, Alana
We had a kid table!  I loved having lots of little ones!
8 kids under 11...
Here are the teenagers!  They're a good lookin' group!
Juice found a new buddy, Banana.
Donut and Nuts also got along magnanimously (isn't that a GREAT word?!)
Key Lime Pie is beautiful (inside and out!)
Raspberry and Kotten Kandy had a lot of fun together....
Jelly Bean decided to serenade us with his tunes!
I also cut my hair!  (Scott even said he liked it!)  Check it out:
And besides having 8 family visitors for a week, we also hosted a Christmas Bazaar on Saturday.  It was fun.  And Key Lime Pie sold some of her homemade, beautiful scarves...
Key Lime Pie sold 4 scarves and is commissioned to make 10 more!
I sold Jalapenos knives.  They are hand crafted.  And they are beautiful!
He is selling them to help fund his mission.  Check it out:  www.predatorcustomblades.com.
If my brothers (or anyone) are reading this - buy one of these awesome knives.  This kid is talented, only 16, and he really is using his skills to help fund his mission!  The knives are WAY COOL!

I'm worn out.  In a good way.  :-)


  1. I agree with the last comment. Thanks for the visit via your blog. :)
    Your Thanksgiving must have been wonderful. The group looks happy and well fed.
    I like your haircut - especially in the picture with Scott. How did you get it to go straight in that one? Fun!
    Are you sure you are staying busy enough? I'm pretty sure you haven't taken the advise of yo mamas. Maybe you don't know the meaning of 'enough already'? If you need another lesson, call me.
    Yo mama (with love)

  2. Hey Sista'! I agree with Mom, I love your hair, especially in the picture with Scotty. Love you all!