Thursday, March 5, 2015


It has been a really rough month and a half.  I’m sorry about not posting more often, but I’ve been struggling with depression and losing our baby.  But things are looking up.  Life continues to move forward, and each day is easier.  But instead of this post dwelling on the hard things that have been happening, I’d rather update you (my readers) on the positive and uplifting things – because there have been some good things too

First:  Kotten Kandy tried out for a musical at the end of January.  The local high school decided to let homeschoolers audition this time.  She made it!  It’s a re-telling of The Wizard of Oz.  She has multiple parts, but the fun part is that of one of the Wicked Witch’s friends, another witch, who rides a vacuum cleaner.  She’s enjoying the rehearsals and is excited to be back on stage.  The show is in the beginning of May, so we have lots of time to prepare.

Second:  Key Lime Pie got a job.  She LOVES it!  She is working at the local movie theater in the concessions area.  She really likes her bosses.  And they seem to like her too.  We haven’t had time to take advantage of getting to see a movie yet… but we plan to go see Cinderella next week.  She’s so cute in her uniform.  And she comes home so happy.
Third:  I’m not sure this counts as “good” news, but it IS news:  Kentucky has been getting a LOT of snow.  We were snowed in for a week three weeks ago.  The snow finally melted yesterday in time for another major storm during the night last night.  We have over a foot of snow outside.  We can’t leave the house.  
School has been cancelled for Thursday and Friday.  Luckily the commute to our school is zero so my girls are still getting to learn!  (The joys of homeschooling!)  But they are missing seminary, which kinda bums them out.
This morning, Kotten Kandy took Karmel outside to use the bathroom, and she completely disappeared in the snow and had to have help getting out of the snow drift.  Poor dog.
Scott felt like he had to work, but couldn’t get out of our driveway.  Our cars are completely under snow and the roads are pure ice.  Luckily, one of Scott’s co-workers has a HUGE truck and came to pick him up.  Scott just called a few minutes ago and has decided to stay put for the night.  He is going to stay at work overnight since the roads are so bad.  I’m definitely praying for him to stay warm and safe.
Fourth:  The girls won back to back stake basketball championships last week!  J  Go Shelbyville!  They loved playing, and have definitely improved since last year.  Kotten Kandy is extremely aggressive and really shines on court.  Key Lime Pie isn’t scared of the ball anymore.  In fact, she’s in the game hustling hard.  I really enjoyed watching them this year, although the championship game was a nail biter.  These Young Women are amazing!  I really do love them!
I’ve read a few good books lately:
“A House United” by Nicholeen Peck was recommended to me by Amy Larsen.  It was excellent.  I wish I had read it when I was a “beginning” mother.  I am the mother of two BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL daughters whom I LOVE with all my heart.  I have a great desire to help them live the very best they can and to have love guide our home.  This book helped me realize that I can handle problems in the home much more positively.  It really helps with communication in the home.  I’m going to be recommending this book to my friends and my daughters when they become mothers.  It is great parenting advice.
The other book I just finished was “Mistborn: The Final Empire” by Brandon Sanderson.  It is awesome!   It is a fast-paced adventure with some fun characters, combining political intrigue with magical battles.  The characters are interesting and the plot takes some unexpected turns.  I love referring to it and discussing the themes throughout it with my family.  I’ve already started book two:  “The Well of Ascension.”  And I can’t put it down.

So... life is OK.  I will try to be more consistent in updating my blog.  


  1. Thanks for the updates ;) Love and miss you guys! Just 3 more weeks until we get to see you - - - Yiiiippppeeeee