Monday, July 29, 2013


I missed writing my weekly Sabbath Sentiments because we were on vacation.  We went to Nauvoo with Scott's sister and her family.  And it was the most fantastic, inspirational, and wonderful trip.  Nauvoo is simply amazing.  Pictures and words don't do it justice.  It brought the stories of the Mormon pioneers to life.  It made Joseph Smith real (although I knew he lived before it was just more tangible.)  It strengthened all of our testimonies of the gospel.

Here is our trip - in pictures.  (I took over 200 photos but I'm only going to post about 20.)
 The crew (minus Whitney) - Scott, Me, Stacey, Shasta, Whoppers,
Key Lime Pie, Kotten Kandy, Banana, and Licorice
 We learned that oxen are castrated bulls - who knew?
 This beautiful statue reminds me of Kotten Kandy because
she is always learning and loves to read (especially her scriptures!)
 Key Lime Pie's violin talent is awesome!
I hope she never stops learning and growing!
 When I was a little girl I was in a live-statue performance.
I was the little girl in this statue on the right.  My mom was the mother....
Grandma T made my dress for the statue - and I also used the dress for my baptism.
The whole darn family!  :-) 
Whoppers, Shasta, Stacey (Scott's sister), Licorice, Whitney and Banana 
We were able to attend a session at the Nauvoo temple.  It is BEAUTIFUL! 
Stacey and Scott are related to the Scovills who owned this bakery.... 
Scott loved playing the old pioneer games.  He was really good at this one! 
Kotten Kandy got the ball in the hole.... 
Key Lime Pie was amazed that with a little bit of tugging her bear climbed the rope. 
Kotten Kandy, Banana, Whoppers and Shasta all try walking on stilts. 
 Teenagers eating dinner.
Whoppers and Kotten Kandy had to dance! 
As we walked down Parley Street, we felt the sacredness and the sadness of the pioneers who had done the same things in February 1845. 
This statue of Brigham Young and Joseph Smith looking over the Mississippi River was incredibly inspiring. 
We can't imagine what it would be like to leave Nauvoo with no warning.
It was neat to see the Mississippi River.  Not only is it important in the history of Nauvoo, but we also spent the trip listening to Huckelberry Finn by Mark Twain on CD.  Huck and Jim spend a LOT of time on the Mississippi River. 
 This is what the sun stones on the temple look like up close.
The carriage ride was truly wonderful!  We hear amazing stories of the Mormon pioneers and we also saw three small fawns.  They were so cute and close and quick. 
Elder Hatch was our tour guide.  He was FANTASTIC!  I told Scott that I wanted him to grow up to be just like this guy.  So we had to get his picture.  Actually, Scott and I decided that we wanted to someday serve a mission in Old Nauvoo!  The couple missionaries there get to perform and share stories all the time.  It would be right up my alley.  And Scott said he'd love it too! 
At Carthage  there was a wonderful statue of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.
They are truly role models to me!
Joseph was murdered here. 
Cousins about to do temple work...  
 Cousins learning to do the polka.
Key Lime Pie loved the dancing before the Nauvoo Pageant. 
 Kotten Kandy was really good at learning to make a rag rug.
She is a natural.  (I tried twice and failed miserably.)
 The Nauvoo Pageant was MARVELOUS!
I wish I had taken more pictures of all the shows we saw.  They were all terrific.
The spirit of God was present in all of them, and at the same time we 
couldn't help smiling and tapping our toes to the beat.  It was fantastic!
 This is the little home we rented for three nights.
It's called the Hopper Home.
 This statue of the Smith brothers is right in front of the temple.
We know that temples are sacred.  We are grateful for them!
This was truly an impressive vacation.  Thanks for inviting us Pughs!


  1. I'm so happy you all got to go to Nauvoo - even if I am a bit Jealous! :) What a special spiritual memory for your family to get to cherish! LO<3

  2. Nauvoo in July, huh?! Glad it was such a great time for all of you. It reminded me of our trip that direction for the Nauvoo Temple Open House! The sunstones are interesting, aren't they? And the brothers on their horses is new since we were there - neat statues. Isn't the view of the river a beautiful one? Again, we're happy for you all...