Saturday, July 13, 2013


It has been a really difficult week for my family.  Scott has been down two men at work so he has had to work extra long hours (6 a.m. to 7 p.m.).  On top of that stress, I had a little medical problem that took me to the doctor on Tuesday and to the hospital on Wednesday.  It was more emotional than life-threatening.  The tears have flown freely in our neck of the woods this week.  But with all the stress and sadness, I have felt the strength of prayer.  I couldn't have gotten through this tragedy without the prayers of my family and friends.  (Even though many of our family members and friends don't know all the details - I still have felt their love and concern.  Thank you.)
After I got home from the hospital on Wednesday, my best friends: Amy, Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy, got me flowers.  They were yellow (my favorite color) and happy.  Because of our trial, I had been feeling unloved.  I felt alone and especially forgotten by my Heavenly Father.  When the flowers came, I looked at them and remembered how much God loves me too.  Here is my simple equation:
Prayer + Flowers + Best Friends = Restored Faith
In happier news:  We had the missionaries over for dinner this week.  We really enjoy having them over.  We have a new missionary in our ward who seems really cool, but he has diabetes and can't eat flour.  I've never fixed dinner for missionaries with food allergies.  I ended up making taco salad.  It was a hit.  And we all enjoyed a quick game of The Great Dalmuti afterwards.
We are going to have a Book of Mormon-athon on July 20th at our house!  I've invited all the young women in our ward over for the entire day (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.).  We will be reading and reading and reading the Book of Mormon ALL day long!  There will of course be snacks and pizza and sodas.  I am hoping that this Book of Mormon-athon will inspire the girls to get the book read for their Virtue projects!  It should be fun!  Just let me know if you want and can come!
Kotten Kandy and her father went on a date Friday night.  They got frozen yogurt and went bowling.  They had a blast!!!!!!  Kotten Kandy was especially proud of her double strike!
Since Lime Pie went to trek this week, Kotten Kandy and I made t-shirts.  The first shirts we made were for her and Amy since they both LOVE writing.  We painted them to look like notebook paper.  I thought they turned out really cute.  The other shirts we made for Key Lime Pie, Kotten Kandy and I.  The song depicted is Rue's Song from The Hunger Games.  We also made a little musical shirt for Amy's daughter, Marmalade.  It has the song Mary Had a Little Lamb since she learned to play that tune on the piano.
Key Lime Pie LOVED Trek.  She couldn't stop talking for over 2 hours when she got home.  Although she was filthy and exhausted, she refused to take a shower because she just wanted to share EVERYTHING that she had experienced and done.  She especially loved all the leaders.  She said that she was blessed with more than one ma and pa because so many other mas and pas took her under their wings.  (I am so grateful to all of them: the Schmids, the Fieldings, the Hickeys, and the Theiss, who made Key Lime Pie's first youth conference so special!)  She also enjoyed the meals.  And she loved her family.  She loved singing songs and helping out where needed.  She loved the spirituality and camaraderie.  She also loved the testimony meeting.  She made new friends and strengthened old friendships.  Yes, she is dirty.  She is tired.  But she is happy.
Our Ward Family - before Trek
Key Lime Pie's Family
Muffin & Lemon Lime & Key Lime Pie
Key Lime Pie and Muffin
Key Lime Pie and her brother
Working Hard


  1. You are a special woman and you are my Sunshine! Great to read about the successes of the week. Sad that you were sad. Thankful for Scott.
    Pa (Grandpa Mac

  2. By the way. It's 10:00 PM here. So you must be up awful late young lady. ;-)

  3. Did Key Lime Pie make her dresses? Shanae loves the blue one! Glad she had fun. Maybe she is my girl after all :) Kotton Kandy sure is "artsy" Love the shirts you guys made! May God Bless you for the wonderful person you are ! LOLove

  4. You guys 'chuck' your weeks full! ...and good journal you are keeping...
    I understand how hard your week was - and agree that prayer, flowers and friends can help. I'm glad that you had all three. I would probably add family to the list though because I can't imagine Scott not being right there for you.
    Of Missionaries, Book of Mormonathons and Treks - no moss under your spiritual wheels. Kiara, I'm soooo glad the trek was a great success for you. I hope all my GRANDkids will get to have the same experience - way testimony building, isn't it?
    The pictures are fun, and your hair grows incredibly fast! And you have so much (as in thick) too. Some of us are a bit jealous. :)
    The tees are darling, Katia. The notebook paper one turned out way fun. What did you use to paint them? Not permanent markers, are they? You are my craftiest GRANDkid of all!
    Good Week to all, MOM/MIL

  5. I love the t-shirts! I am glad your daughter had a great experience on trek. I hope your sadness has been filled with sunshine!

  6. Kiara,
    Not bad!! ;)
    You know what pic I'm talking about.
    Haha - Love you lot's cuz!