Sunday, September 8, 2013


Sorry I missed posting last Sunday.  We were in Ohio for the Labor Day weekend.  We had a great time... but unfortunately I had misplaced my camera and wasn't able to take photos.  (I found it when I got back.)
We had a great time!  We got to spend time with Mom Thornton (Chris and Hammond's mother).  We went to the cheese factory for some tasting, we looked at beautiful nativities from the world and played lots of board games.  We BBQed with Nathaniel and his girlfriend and Scott went with Chris to a football game.  Of course, Ohio State won!  Can you see Chris and Scott in the stands?  They are the ones in red.  Isn't Scott sooooooo cute?!  :-)
To celebrate Marmalade's 7th Birthday we took the kids to a water/splash park.  We had a picnic and played hard.  Even K2 got into the fun.  (Unfortunately I still didn't know where my camera was at the time.)  Marmalade was spoiled with bug collecting containers from us.  She LOVES bugs!  We LOVE her!
Dragons, mermaids, unicorns - and other beasts too odd or terrifying to name - have been celebrated in art, song and storytelling for thousands of years.  We got to learn about some of them and how they were created this Friday as we made our way to the Frazier museum for a field trip.  We even created our own mythical creatures.  There was a funny, theatrical performance included with our "tour" which we all enjoyed immensely.  Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy decided that their favorite mythological beasts were:  European dragons (yes, they are way different than the Chinese dragons) and phoenixes.
I taught YW today.  The lesson topic was:  How can I be in the world but not of the world?  I like to bring a treat for my young women and sometimes it even "goes with" the lesson.  I love what I came up with this week....  If you can't read it, it says:  Ignore the World's labels... You are a Daughter of God!  - of course the World's labels are the candy:  Dum Dums, Smarties, Nerd, Airhead, and Jolly Ranchers.
We have a pet spider, a writing spider,  outside our house.  He's actually quite beautiful and harmless.  He's also quite big and freaks some people out.  But I kinda like him... as long as he doesn't decide to come indoors.  Kotten Kandy named him Kider.  :-)  Isn't he gorgeous?  This is him.
Criminal Minds season 8 was released on DVD on Tuesday.  Since we don't have television we have to wait for the DVDs.  We were excited when the arrived on Saturday.  We (Scott and I) have already watched a couple of episodes.  It's great to be back with my friends from the FBI's BAU.  I've missed Reid, Hotchner, Morgan, Rossi and Garcia.  I'm excited for new (to me) episodes.  Bring on the bad guys, cuz my good guys will get 'em!
Home school is back in full swing!  We are learning LOTS, and mostly using mornings to get our work done.  The girls are working on math, American Government/Documents, 10th grade English, and music lessons/classes with me in the morning.   In the evenings they do science and Portuguese with their father.  On Tuesdays we change the schedule by cleaning CPS bathrooms, attending a stake Book of Mormon class, participating (I'm directing) a small, girls, show choir.  (We are working on Christmas music.)  Our days are busy but fulfilling.


  1. We sure had a blast up in OH-IO. Criminal Minds has been fun. Can't wait to watch more.

  2. Helloooooo,
    Scott didn't wear his Jets gear to the game? Dad says he's way disappointed..,
    The K2 pic in the restaurant is cute. Kl has a prettier smile each time I see her, and K2 is cute in her contacts. Hugs to both.
    Cute poster. Awful bug! Even worse = CM!!!
    I've seen the village too, and I'm glad it isn't educating our girls.
    Love, Mom/Mil

  3. I'm SHOCKED that you would keep a pet spider That doesn't sound like my sister AT ALL!!! I do like the name that was chosen for it though :) Your girls are so pretty - on the inside and out. I love them!!! And you are so creative!!! Love your handouts!