Sunday, September 29, 2013


Yesterday was Super Saturday for our ward.  We went to Robin Brown's home and crafted all afternoon.  Then we had a delicious dinner followed by listening to the Relief Society Broadcast.  It was a fabulous day: filled with fun, friends, food and inspiration.

I taught the women how to make scrabble tile jewelry.  I think they enjoyed it and loved the finished project.  The women also made rag wreaths, cards and star ornaments.  Dinner was a potato bar.  Yum!  with cakes for desert.

The highlight of the evening was the broadcast.  I loved listening to our new Relief Society presidency.  Sister Burton, the president, talked about covenants.  I loved the reminders she gave us to live our covenants at all times.  She said, "Covenant keeping is one way to express our love for the incomprehensible, infinite Atonement of our Savior and Redeemer and the perfect love of our Father in Heaven."  Sister Stephens talked about serving one another.  Her humble talk was incredibly inspirational to me.  I don't remember much of Sister Reeves talk (I will read it when I get the Ensign.)  President Monson also spoke to us.  He talked about how much God loves each of us individually and unconditionally.  He said that the love of God " there for you when you are said or happy, discouraged or hopeful.  It is simply always there."
Kotten Kandy is learning to quilt.  She started this week (Thursday night) with a good friend: Joyce.  Joyce said Kotten Kandy is a natural.  And Kotten Kandy is THRILLED with what she is learning.  She came home excited and full of enthusiasm for learning a new skill.  I am sooooooooooo grateful Heavenly Father sent Joyce to us.  She is a great mentor to my daughter.  I'll get a picture soon.  Her quilt is a Personal Progress quilt with the values and colors.  It's really going to be pretty.
Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy were privileged to go with the sister missionaries in our ward to teach a discussion to three youth in our ward.  They were so glad to help and participate.  The discussion was mostly in Spanish, but the girls were able to understand a lot of it because of their Portuguese training.  And they were both able to share their testimonies.  They came home on top of the world.  I am grateful for sister missionaries who are such great role models for my daughters.  I am grateful they invited my children to go with them.
We have 3 frogs in our pond.  They are absolutely cute.  And they make me smile.  I always look for them when I walk out my front door.  Unfortunately they are shy and quickly jump into the water as soon as they see us walking by.  Key Lime Pie managed to take a picture of one - but it is a bit blurry.  They are cute.  They are small.  They are fun.
After waiting for an entire year, I was excited to read Michael Vey 3:  Battle of the Ampere.  This is the third book in the Michael Vey series and it was fun.  Richard Paul Evans does a fantastic job at keeping both kids, teens and adults interested and engaged in all of the books.  At the end of Michael Vey 2, Michael Vey, his  mother and his friends are still in the jungles of Peru.  Michael and the Electroclan now have a new mission:  to sink the Ampere and destroy Hatch, who has become more powerful than anyone could have imagined.  I couldn't put the book down.  I recommend the series.
I introduced my daughters to the musical, Blood Brothers, this week.  They love it.  I knew they would.  The show tells the tale of two brothers, separated at birth, who find serendipity drawing them back together in adulthood.  As they grow older, leading separate lives, they begin to gravitate back toward each other, until they eventually become friends.  However, the touching story of unconditional and instinctive brotherly love is tarnished forever by tragedy.  This musical (which I have never seen) is emotional, gripping and heart-touching.  I would love to see it... and now my daughters would too.
Once Upon a Time premiered it's 3rd season tonight.  I loved it!  Thanks for sharing your house with us, Chris.  We love the stories!


  1. Everyone has a part of their brain that thinks school is the only way to learn, and another part that knows perfectly well that it isn't. Your family is all about "doing". I admire you and love you all. By the way, I enjoyed the A capella science video. The science seems correct, but it is physics and no one knows what they are talking about anyway.

  2. I am missing you this week! You haven't called!!!

  3. I still need to read #2 of Michael Vey!!