Sunday, October 6, 2013


Guess how we have spent most of our week?
Key Lime Pie started it.  I took her to the doctor on Wednesday and discovered she had a wicked virus.  The doctor prescribed: lots of fluids, plenty of rest and Ibuprofin & cough syrup.
By Wednesday night, Kotten Kandy also had a sore throat.  Scott and I showed symptoms by Thursday morning.  (Thanks for sharing, Key Lime Pie.)  So Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we spent sleeping, drinking Icees (to soothe our sour throats, of course) and watching The Mentalist.  We didn't get much school work done because we all had head aches that caused our brains to quit working.  A good friend of mine says, "A sick family is a united family!"  We are pretty united right now!
While we were sick... we watched season 5 of The Mentalist.  We enjoy that show.  We are all wondering who Red John is.  We all have our guesses.  Now we have to wait for season 6 to show up on DVD (or BEG Chris to let us watch two shows at his house?!)  Either way, we are all anxiously awaiting to watch more of Patrick Jane in action.
We've had a lot of rain this week.  I'm not a huge fan of rain.  But I love the green that it creates outside.
One day (before we got sick) Kotten Kandy and Apple Pie decided to play in the rain.  They looked so happy spinning and singing!  I love these two kids!
I made FHE treats.  I tried to make them healthy.  I thought they turned out pretty and they were yummy....
I miss my sister and my mother.  I REALLY miss my sister and mother.  This week they have been at my little brother's house.  Since they don't have cell phones I haven't been able to talk to them daily - like usual.  (Yes, I talk to my sister and mom EVERY day.  Sometimes more than once a day.)  Anyway, they should be home now... so I can go back to my daily calls.  I've missed talking to them.  They are some of my bestest friends in the entire world.  I'm soooooooooooo grateful for phones.  It would be so hard to live in Kentucky while they were in Colorado without them.  I wish we lived closer and could do things together.  (At least I get to see my mom next week in D.C. - I'll blog about that in two weeks.)
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!  Sweet Rolls!  Scott makes his family's famous sweet rolls every year during conference.  They are delicious.  And my good friend, Amy, made her sausage balls.  (Another Mmmmmmmm!)  And Kotten Kandy tried a new recipe (that she made up from the top of her head) of hash browns with cheese and onion and other stuff.  She did an excellent job.  I took small bites of everything.  I love the tastes at general conference.....
IT'S GENERAL CONFERENCE!  This is one of our family's favorite holidays.  (Yes, we call it a holiday!)  We LOVE listening to our prophets' speak.  I asked my family what their favorite talks were.  They couldn't choose.  All the talks were inspirational and wonderful!  I'm so grateful my entire family LOVES general conference and pays attention to the important messages given to us.  I'm so grateful to be a member of this Church.  I'm so grateful for latter-day prophets.  I'm so grateful we get to feast upon their words - because they truly are the words of Christ.  I KNOW this to be true.  I LOVE General Conference!!!!!!!


  1. We love General Conference. It is the most wonderful time of the year! We even wish strangers "Happy General Conference." Of course they wonder what that means but it is fun.

  2. I missed you too!!! I love Kotten Kandy's apron in the picture! And I'm proud of her trying a new recipe! She is so precious!!! Sorry you all were sick! I loved Holland's talk! I haven't heard them all yet, but I love conference also! LOLove to you all!

  3. Just talked to you, and all I can say is "Oh, my!" Thank goodness his eyesight will be OK, and keep on a cutting. I have faith in you.
    Happy Birthday, Kiara Lea!!! We'll celebrate better soon.
    Love You all, Mil