Monday, March 24, 2014


Here is my beautiful girl a year ago:
Here is my beautiful daughter now:
See the difference?
She is soooo excited to get her braces off...  And I am excited for her.
Braces Braces Braces made it so much fun.
First pictures with her favorite Braces employee.
Sombrero was a must....
Dr. Jensen (the one in white) lead the entire staff in singing
"You Got Your Braces Off Today.  Hoorah!  Hoorah!"
to the tune of "The Ants Go Marching."
This picture is blackmail....
Muffin made sure she had an appointment at the
same time to help Key Lime Pie celebrate.
They both got their braces from the same place.
Isn't she absolutely GORGEOUS?!
I promised her Swedish Fish, since that is her favorite,
and she has given it up for a year....
YEAH, FOR BRACES!!!!!  Thanks, Mil and Grandpa Mac!!!  We love this smile!


  1. Wow, you posted these in a whirlwind! And your teeth look great, Kiara!!!
    I remain amazed at how quickly you made your time go. That's got to be a record for the orthodontist too. Have you asked her?
    Love YOU, Mil