Monday, March 17, 2014


Saturday was tons of fun... for my daughters and husband.  (I attended a 6 1/2 hour training for 11 year old scouts.)  They began the day at the temple and it got better from there.  They loved serving in this sacred place, and they enjoyed working with their friends in the ward.  (It was also Juice's first time to do baptisms since he turned 12.  He actually missed the last temple outing because he was sick.  He said it was great!)
Trina, Juice, Lemon Drop, Apple Slice, Key Lime Pie, Kotten Kandy, Eggnog, Mark & Scott
3 people not pictured....  :-(
After the temple, they had lunch at DQ before heading over to the stake center for the second basketball game in the tournament.  They had won the game Friday night which took them to the semi-playoffs.  They won their second game... barely.  It was pretty intense.  And with a 4 minute break, the began the 3rd game of the tournament for the championship.  They won again!  So....  Shelbyville Ward is the champions!  :-)  The girls really bonded over the 2 months as they practiced and participated in the games.  Afterwards the girls celebrated with ice-cream.  They were on cloud 9 and acted really silly (like teenage girls do).  They had a great time!
Sisters waiting to play...
Kotten Kandy was called "An anorexic Sumo Wrestler" on the court!  She was aggressive on defense!  She rocked!
Key Lime Pie really hustled... I was impressed.  And she even got a shot off... although it didn't go in.
Top to Bottom - Left to Right:
Coach, Almond, Eggnog, and Kotten Kandy
Muffin, Apple Slice, and Waffle
Egg Roll, Donut and Key Lime Pie

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  1. Sounds like a super Saturday for you all! Way to go Shelbyville Girls' Team. You are now the champs! You know that Fruita 4th girls won too. That means that I have four grandaughters who are champions!
    Love, Mil