Monday, May 12, 2014


Happy Mother's Day!  - I have 2 WONDERFUL mothers!  And I am truly grateful for both of them and their loving examples.  I know that words are not adequate to express the deep feelings I have for these wonderful women.  - But I do appreciate all they do for me and my family!  Thank you!
I also had a GREAT Mother's Day.  I was spoiled rotten by my husband and two gorgeous daughters.  I got to:
     eat orange danish rolls for breakfast,
     eat Scott's homemade, time-consuming, delicious, sesame chicken for dinner (and shared with my best friend, Amy!),
     take a nap,
     and watch the season finale of Once Upon a Time (which totally played with our emotions at the end...  We went from happy, to angry, to laughing hysterically in the space of the last 5 minutes.  Amy and I laughed until we cried.)
My family also spoiled me with gifts.  (I make no secret that I enjoy a small gift - but they went above and beyond.)  I got the Pride and Prejudice DVD starring Colin Firth.  (Yes, my daughters and I LOVE Mr. Darcy!)  I also got a book by Emily Watts (who I saw at TOFW).  She is so funny!  The book title says it all:  "I Hate It When Exercise is the Answer."  My family also got me The Addams Family Musical song book.  (I love these songs.  They make me laugh.  Especially: "I'm Crazier Than You" and "Just One Night")
I also got an AWESOME CD by Vocal Point.  Their newest release is Spectrum, and it ROCKS!  Dove chocolates (my favorite) were also included in my gift basket.  Talk about spoiled!
In other news:  Look at my mailbox!  Isn't it gorgeous?  I LOVE the purple flowers.  They make me soooooooooo happy!!!!!!!
And Kotten Kandy finally (after 2 years) purchased her hunting bow.  It is totally cool!  And she is totally excited.  She shows it off every chance she gets.  And she can't wait to learn how to shoot it better... and go hunting.  Thank you, Schmids, for helping us get the "right one" since Scott and I know NOTHING about bows and arrows.  The Schmids are such amazing friends!  We LOVE them!
We also had lots of company this week.  Egg Plant came to stay with us for the week while her host family was out of town.  She is AWESOME!  We had so much fun with her and wish she could stay with us indefinitely.  She is an amazing young woman from Brazil.  We love her!
Scott's sister, Kerri, and her husband, Mark, also came to visit.  Although their stay was SUPER short.  (TOO short.)  We have really missed being near family and it was great to visit with them one evening.  They spent the night and left the next morning.  Kerri is amazing and I wish we lived closer.  We love them too!!!!!
I have always wanted a family wall.  (family wall - (n.) a wall full of family pictures.)  So my sweet husband helped me put this together this week in our hall way.  It's AWESOME, if I say so myself.  (I just did.)  It makes me smile to see pictures of my family (lots of my sweet daughters - past and present).  I love walking through my hallway right now.
And finally:  The girls performed in their final show choir concert last week.  All the girls did a fantastic job!  And I really do enjoy directing these kids.  It's rewarding to see them succeed and love sharing their talents.  I love kids!  I'd adopt the entire 15 girl choir if I could.  They are awesome young women!  I can't wait for next year to start again!  We videoed the performance and hope to have it up on the blog soon....  We are trying to figure out Scott's new video camera...  So stay tuned.


  1. What a week! It all looks Super Fun! Miss and love you all!

  2. Goodness gracious GBOF!! What a week. How come none of mine come even close?... Maybe this next one will!?!
    Your Mother's Day - YOU WERE SPOILED ROTTEN! If there's a bad smell, I'm going to blame S and K and K...
    Your mail box is beautiful, your girls the best, your guests kept you busy, choir went well and you have a great family wall. Can't wait to see it. :)
    Love Ya, Mom