Thursday, May 29, 2014


May is almost over.  Where has it gone?   It seems I blinked this month... and it's disappeared.
Two weeks ago, we got to have Elder Tolman (Justin) come visit with his parents.  Justin was one of our all time favorite missionaries that served in the area.  He was so excited about the gospel.  And he has a great personality to boot!  (We also loved that he  liked the same things we do.  ie. Star Wars, Star Trek, Danny Elfman, film music, etc. etc. etc.)  And we loved getting to know his parents as we spent a Monday night (FHE) with them.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  They are GREAT people!  I just wished they lived closer since Utah is so far away!
Last week my parents came to visit for an entire week!  It was WONDERFUL!  We wish they could stay forever... we already miss them!
While they were here, we got to take them to Church with us!  The girls loved "showing off" their awesome grandparents.  We also went walking/hiking in the beautiful, giant park between Louisville and Shelbyville.  It was a gorgeous day and lots of fun.
Then my parents decided to spoil us rotten with service.  Dad organized and cleaned out our garage (which really needed it - but Scott couldn't do, due to his hand surgery.)  Dad also helped us with fertilizing our garden and harvesting our honey.  Not to mention, he taught the girls how to make a mouth bow (which is a really cool instrument that you play by plucking and using your mouth as a sounding box).
Mom helped me organize my kitchen, pantry and food storage.  It was soooooooo helpful!  And fun to work side by side with her.  We also played over 10 games of Scrabble.  (I actually won one game against her and Scott - which means I get to brag about that for a year!)  And mom also spent quite a few hours reading out-loud to Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy as they cut tubes for Scott's work.  The girls' LOVED the book (the first book in the Children of the Promise series by Lund) and really appreciated the quality time they got to spend with Grandma Mil.
Wednesday night was a bit exciting.  There was a huge thunder storm.  Grandpa Mac and the girls went to a concert and we were a bit distraught about them driving home in the stormy conditions.  At the same time, the power went out in most of our county.  We were without power from 7 p.m. to early Thursday morning.  It was an exciting night.  Luckily, Dad and the girls got home alright.  Amy ended up coming over for a few hours too, due to the storm and locking herself out of her dark house.  (She had lost power also.)  It was an scary and intense evening, but we are all OK.
Mom and Dad were also able to stay for my studio recital on Thursday night.  I have 12 students who performed.  And they all did a really nice job.  I was super proud of them.  Key Lime Pie sang a gorgeous version of "Hold On" from the musical, The Secret Garden.  Kotten Kandy made us all laugh when she sang "My New Philosophy" from the musical, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  I have talented (and gorgeous) daughters!
Memorial Day was a beautiful day!  We discussed the reason for the holiday and thanks my dad for his service to our country.  We also BBQed with the Bettenhausens.  (By we, I mean, Scott BBQed!  - He is so talented when it comes to grilling!)  We had a delicious dinner and then played games the rest of the day.  It was fun!
It has been an amazing two weeks!!!!!


  1. I love you guys! Thanks for creating a Blog. It is fun to read and see all the exciting events. :) Lot's of Love!

  2. Thank you Mom and Dad McCallister for helping me get things done that I had not been able to do. I sure did appreciate the help.
    Sundy, the recital was awesome as usual. You sure love your students and want them to be successful.

  3. Hi DeGooyers,
    Scott, I think it;s great that you comment on the blog too! You are such a good husband and father. Besides that, you make us feel so welcome and loved. We thank Heavenly Father for you always.
    Sundy Lea, thank you for your great effort in keeping us informed and close. You do so much good in this old world. I need to take many lessons from my daughter. Miss you guys tons too.