Tuesday, July 15, 2014


FINALLY!  My wonderful, talented, sexy husband finally got my blog to "work" again....  (He's even highly medicated and a little loopy and one handed, but he was able to fix my computer any way!)  Scott rocks!  Here are the pictures from last month's girls camp!  We had a total blast!
"Our" girls rocked!  (or should I say "smurfed?")
 Isn't it beautiful?
 Key Lime Pie is such a cutie!
Kotten Kandy got the top bunk... Key Lime Pie got the bottom bunk.... 
Despite her extreme eczema, Kotten Kandy LOVED canoeing.
 My silly girls!  I sure do love them!
 Lemon Drop and Key Lime Pie - I'd adopt Lemon Drop as my own in a heartbeat, if her mom would let me.
 Kotten Kandy - Love this girl!
 Key Lime Pie, Kotten Kandy and Lemon Drop - I think I'll call them the 3 Stooges!  :-)
 I'm glad my girls have so much fun together - I'm glad they are best friends!
 Bishop Tincher with his crazy Young Women!
 Key Lime Pie with 4th year hiking buddies!
Kotten Kandy wrote our script for the skit...  :-)
Fun Girls!  Fun Times!  Fun Memories!


  1. Kiara, I have always been a bottom bunk person myself. It is beautiful up there and looks like you all had fun :) Sundy - I'm glad you are back in the saddle! I've missed your Blogs!!!

  2. Greens and blues go soooo well together! Our great out-of-doors must have been a crowning achievement of Heavenly Father's creations (after his children,of course).
    Glad it was such a fun time for all of you. Mil