Sunday, July 27, 2014


My daughters are being spoiled rotten this summer.  They got to spend the past week with Joyce in Ohio.  They had a total blast!  They couldn't stop talking about all that they got to do and all that they learned.   They LOVE Joyce and her mother (they call her grandma).  They went shopping at quilt stores and yarn stores.  They went to Amish Country.  They got to steer a steam ship.  They learned new crochet stitches.  They learned new quilting techniques.  They made scarves and pillows.  They watched the Food Network and loved the show "Cutthroat Kitchen."  (Key Lime Pie has decided she wants to "do" Cutthroat Kitchen for her 16th Birthday party.)
Joyce took these two pictures of my daughters...
On our way to visit the Glazes, Scott and I saw what we and the girls call a "Cloud Factory"!
Aren't these manufactured clouds beautiful?!  :-)
Scott and I joined the Glazes and girls on Friday night.  The girls were so silly and giggled until LATE.  They were excited to tell us about all their adventures and how much they love Joyce and "grandma."  Saturday we went back to a quilt store so Kotten Kandy could purchase a quilting hoop.  Then we came home and had a really yummy, easy lasagna that grandma made.  Then Joyce, Scott, Key Lime Pie, Kotten Kandy and I took off for the Blues Festival.  It was 9 hours of music fun!  We LOVED it!  The groups were ALL great (except for Simo).  We even got to see Devon Almond.  He rocked!
Kotten Kandy, Joyce and Key Lime Pie at the Blues Festival...
Selfie time...  (I don't usually take selfies - so this is a treat!)
Sophie was a singer who performed and she's from KY...  The girls really liked her singing!
And Kotten Kandy even purchased one of her CDs for her sister.  Sophie signed it and everything!  :-)
The concert was rained out for about 45 minutes.  But we just enjoyed being cooled off...
This isn't a selfie.... Key Lime Pie took a picture of us!
This performer made me laugh so hard!
His expressions as he ROCKED his guitar made me laugh.
He constantly held his mouth WIDE open.  This picture is tame.
When the heavy metal rock group, Simo, performed, Kotten Kandy fell asleep.
She was exhausted.  But I don't know how she slept through that noise.  They were LOUD!
Scott really loved the show....  Isn't my husband cute!?
Sunday morning we went to Church with Joyce.  Their LITTLE branch was soooooooooo cute!  I loved the small building.  And the people seemed great.  After church, we ate left over lasagna and got on the road.  We miraculously made it back in time (4 hours later) for the girls to go to a great fireside for our ward.  We are all worn out... and tomorrow is a crazy day....
Joyce, Kotten Kandy, Key Lime Pie, Grandma and Sweetie (the dog)


  1. Fun times and Fun memories! So glad to hear you all had such a great week and weekend! I LOVE the horse picture at the tops! I too don't know how Katia could sleep through heavy metal, but I would count that a blessing to be sure! :) LOLove!

  2. Your pictures and script were fun to share with you. So glad it was such a successful week! And I agree. The K's have had such an incredible summer, maybe they should be finished already???
    Just kiddin', of course... Mil/Mom