Thursday, September 11, 2014


Key Lime Pie is a Junior!
Kotten Kandy is a Freshman!
School is is full swing!  We've made our goals.  We've had our father's blessings.  And we have purchased our paper, pens and pencils.
The New Era had an INCREDIBLE article, "How to Learn for Real," that we are focusing on this year.  We truly believe that learning has less to do with natural ability and more to do with priorities, attitudes and skills.  Here's what the article recommends:
1.  Seek spiritual learning.  
     We make spiritual learning the number one priority in our home.  The girls are encouraged to read their scriptures individually daily.  They also attend seminary (in our basement) every morning.  (Early morning seminary in Shelbyville, KY is considered 7:00 a.m.  - pretty pathetic for EARLY morning but it does start the day off well... and the girls love their seminary teacher, Brother Turley.)  We also attend a stake religion class weekly.  We love learning about the gospel.
2.  Seek balance.
     Balance is difficult, but the girls and I are trying to remember that too much of anything can throw us off balance, and too little of important things can do the same thing.
3.  Get enough sleep.
     This is a hard one.  I suffer from insomnia.  I'm striving to do better with this.  And I know I need to set a better example for my daughters.
1.  You're responsible for your education (including your failures.)  
     Thomas Jefferson Education puts the responsibility for learning on the learners.  And both girls agree that it is their "job" and they are accountable for their own education!
2.  Grades do not equal learning.  And your self-worth should not be tied to external things such as awards, grades and degrees.
     As long as my daughters understand that their self-worth is tied to the fact that they are a child of our Heavenly Father, then they will be happy no matter what awards they receive.
3.  Working hard is more important than "being smart."
     Scott is a HUGE supporter of this attitude.  His work ethic is off the charts.  Working is it's own reward.  And my father always says that it takes 10000 hours of hard work to become an expert.  Work is amazing.
4.  Learning is its own reward.  Be curious.
     Kotten Kandy has really taken this one to heart.  She loves learning.  She continues to learn things that we don't require of her.  Learning really is fun!  We try to make learning a life long pursuit.
5.  Don't shy away from challenges just because there's a possibility of failure.
     I love the quote, "Try.  Fail.  Try better the next time."  Failure really is an opportunity to learn.
6.  You can do it.
     Key Lime Pie uses this as her motto... along with "You can do hard things!"
1.  Learn what you love; love what you learn.
     When I decided to be a music major, I did it because I love music.  I have since learned other things that I have loved just as much or more.  We love to learn!
2.  Read for fun.
     This skill is inherent in ALL of us in this family.  We LOVE to read!
3.  Pay attention to how you handle stress.
     I like to cross stitch and read to get rid of stress.  Scott enjoys putting together puzzles, listening to books on his i-pod and videography.  Key Lime Pie likes listening to music and crocheting.  Kotten Kandy likes to write in her journal and quilt.  It's good to know how to manage stress.
4.  Ask for help when you need it.
5.  Manage your time.
     We are working on this one.  I LOVE my To Do Lists.  One of my daughters isn't a fan and is trying to develop her own strategies.
So... Here's to a new school year!  Hope everyone has a great year of learning!


  1. Amen - Amen & Amen!!! Wish I could home school. Your girls are so very blessed!!! Loved seeing them - they are such sweet and fun kiddos. They make me SMILE :)

  2. DeGooyers,
    I want to add my 'amen' to what GJ wrote. She said just what I was thinking as I read the above. I'm guessing you developed what you wrote as a family - the perfect way to start a new school year! If I were raising a family in today's world, my goals would be the same as yours, and we'd be doing many things the same.
    I loved having my two sweet granddaughters here, and I loved the time (although too quick) with my kids. As we are apart, just continue doing what you are doing and doing it so well. Love you lots, Mom/Mil