Sunday, September 28, 2014


It has been a month since my birthday.  I turned 42 in August.  I felt so loved and wanted to share what my family did for me.  :-)
Scott made me my traditional apple cocoa cake that Grandma T used to bake for me.  It's a labor of love in and of itself.  It's made from scratch with grated apples and nuts and chocolate chips.  It takes time and a whole lotta love to make (and tastes like my birthday and the beginning of fall).  Lemon Drop also spoiled me by making her delectable brownies that I can't get enough of.  YUM!!!
Kotten Kandy gave me a wardrobe makeover.  Her gift was to help me purge "grandma" looking clothes and make me look a little more put together for the 2000s.  :-)  I LOVED going through my clothes with her.  And she got me this new outfit too.
Key Lime Pie really surprised me with a new workout watch.  It does EVERYTHING!  I can keep track of how many steps I take, how far I walk/run, how many calories I've burned etc.  It also tells time, has alarms, is water proof, and takes my pulse rate.  It's pretty amazing technology.  It took me 2 weeks to get used to all the buttons and functions.
Check it my watch and my new outfit:
My good friend, Amy, got me a new outfit also.  I saw this cute skirt and loved the colors, but I didn't buy it.  My daughters showed Amy and she surprised me with it.  I LOVE it!
Scott's gift was the most thoughtful.  He wrote me a book called "Moments of Brightness."  He wrote me a few sentences every day for a year about how much he love and appreciates me.  (Words of Affirmation are my love language - so this was truly a beautiful and wonderful gift!)
Wow!  I was certainly spoiled.
Yesterday was also a fun day, as Amy's daughter, Marmalade, was baptized.  (We got her the pink CTR ring she is wearing... she really was excited about it.)  She is so sweet and beautiful!  I love that girl!  It was a wonderful baptism service.  I got to participate by playing the piano.  My daughters helped with a special musical number.  (And Kotten Kandy also did Marmalades cute hair!)  It was great!  I love the gospel!  And I'm sooooo grateful that Marmalade chose to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  The Spirit is a wonderful gift that will help lead her to a happy and Christ-centered life.


  1. Ha! I can't believe I'm beating GJ to the draw here. That girl lives at the computer, and I more or less try to avoid it...
    Sundy Lea - you are loved, and it's quite evident that you all love each other too. Of course, that's most important of all. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. I love the picture of you in your new dress sister! You have a great family and I love Amy too! You are truly blessed :)