Monday, October 12, 2015


New dress from Mom and Dad...
Who said she could grow up?  But she is.  And she is such a fun, happy, sweet, smart, musical, kind and spiritual young lady!  She had a lot of fun this weekend celebrating turning 17.
Friday, her actual birthday, she took the whole family to see the movie, Pan.   Key Lime Pie loved the movie!  I thought it was a bit heavy on the special effects and costuming, with not enough plot.
Saturday she celebrated by going to see Lee Brice in concert with her dad!  They had a great time!
They went to Qdoba before the concert....
It's real!
Key Lime Pie sent me about 24 pictures that looked like this
of the different performers...  I spared you by only posting one!
Here they are... waiting for the music!
Sunday we (including the Bettenhausens and Thorntons) went to the park for a picnic, cake and presents.
Coloring book and colored pencils from the Bettenhausens
Boots (and a dress) from Mom and Dad
Bracelet from Lollipop and Cinderella from Kotten Kandy
Chris also got Key Lime Pie a $15 gift certificate to Itunes.
She has been listening to her new tunes ALL day 
- a very appropriate gift for this music lover.
After the picnic we watched Cinderella and all the girls "oohed" and "ahhed" over the prince and the dress!
Scott made the cake.  It was awesome!  
Scott made the mockingjay out of tootsie rolls and gold, edible spray paint.
Unfortunately the emblem broke a little when it was actually placed on the cake.
 But it was still impressive!
Here are some random picnic pictures:
We do odd things when we get together...
Everyone leaned in... I leaned out.
Lollipop is turning into a true Kentucky Hick!
I LOVE this picture!  It makes me laugh!
Chris was the genius behind this picture
since he LOVES the Buckeyes!
Then Scott wanted to "do" the J-E-T-S
I don't know how we got Jelly Bean
and Calley (the dog) to cooperate....
Key Lime Pie was spoiled rotten!  We sure love our oldest daughter!
Showing off her boots
and her magnetic personality!


  1. She sure is all grown up and beautiful.

  2. For an incredibly 'celebrating family', Kiara's was a most-celebrated birthday for sure! She's got to know she is loved. :)
    Scott, your mockingjay is way good! Lollipop, you do make a great Kentuckian! We're anxious to meet you.
    :) Grandma Mil