Saturday, October 24, 2015


What do Key Lime Pie and Lollipop do during Fall Break in Kentucky?  They decide to dye their hair red.  Key Lime Pie went dark red while Lollipop opted for a lighter red.  But they both look beautiful.  Their attempts to get Kotten Kandy to also dye her hair did NOT work.  She is still my blonde, baby girl.  But I love my red heads!  I think they look amazing!
Key Lime Pie's red really shows in the sun!
She's really happy about the color
and has been told it helps make her eyes "pop!"
Lollipop went dark red at first.
She wasn't as excited about it until she added the blonde highlights
(which took a couple of hours to do).
She looks gorgeous!
We also decided to go to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio.  It was a fun day trip!  And Scott even took a day off work to go with us - which made it more fun!  Lollipop wants to be a pilot when she grows up so she was really impressed with all the airplanes we saw.  Of course we took LOTS of pictures.
I DEFINITELY would not have been brave enough to fly in one of the first airplanes.
I don't know how anyone was brave enough to do so....
Scott loved the Stealth Bomber.  It was pretty impressive.
There is something for EVERYONE at an Air Museum...
This is the display of the U.S. Air Force Song....
"Off we go, into the wild, blue yonder..."
Key Lime Pie was excited that there were TWO violins in the museum....
See?  Something for everyone!
We had to get a picture of Lollipop with other female pilots....
Someday her photo will be in the museum!
Kotten Kandy just finished reading "The Seamstress."
The Holocaust part of the museum was very meaningful to her.
...And sad...

The NASA part of the museum was my personal favorite.
When I was 12 I wanted to be an astronaut.
Here we ALL are as astronauts:
Commander Scott
Mission Specialist Sundy
Flight Engineer Key Lime Pie
Pilot Lollipop
Payload Commander Kotten Kandy
Friday night was Bunco night.  It was my turn to host the event.  I wanted to get pictures of us actually playing Bunco and all of the women who came - but I forgot.  I did get pictures afterwards of the four teenagers who joined us!  I LOVE these kids!  They laughed and made us all feel more  youthful and happy!  I'm blessed to have these four young people in my life!
Key Lime Pie, Asparagus, and Kotten Kandy
Key Lime Pie, Lollipop and Scott
Crazy, wonderful kids!


  1. That sounds like a ton of fun!
    Stealth bombers are cool, but I think that the Enola Gay is more interesting.
    It seems that there are going to be three redheads s soon as I dye my hair. And they'll all be different shades.

  2. Fun times! I love your flannel shirt sis! Love the Red hair Kiara and Louis! Love my sweet girl Katia's hair also - I think I'm more like here as I have never died my hair. ;) Glad Scott got to take a day off with you all!

  3. The museum was a blast! It was great to spend a day with the fam. I had fun learning to play Ninja with the teens. It made me feel young again.

  4. Museum: Scott - made you feel young again? I gotta go!
    I guess I have new grands - with red hair. The Irish coming out in us?
    The field trip looks way successful - and one might become a pilot?!
    The fall colors are sooo pretty. That's what we have here, and I LOVE it!
    Love you too. Mil