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Hello, my name is Sundy. And I am a blogaholic. I enjoy reading blogs, especially if they have to do with gospel topics, piano/music education or homeschooling.

I am confessing my addiction here to tell you how much I have enjoyed The Celebration of the Family that has been going on for the past two weeks on four of my favorite blogs. There have been some awesome posts and I feel like my understanding and love of the Proclamation has really grown. Since I am new to blogging, I'm not sure how to put links into my posts, but the four blogs that I have been following are: The Redheaded Hostess (, Chocolate on My Cranium (, Weclome to the Madness ( and We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ ( Check it out. The posts were AWESOME!

In other news: My daughters finished making their dresses for the wedding on Friday. They turned out beautiful! Of course, part of what makes the dresses so pretty is that these two girls are gorgeous on the inside as well as the outside! I am so proud of their accomplishment of making their own dresses! Kotten Kandy wants to make her wedding dress someday. (At least, she says she does!)

I especially like the laced up backs. Aren't they pretty?

What a lucky mother I am!

The wedding was unique. I didn't know the couple well, but the groom's parents are AWESOME! (Their daughter was married in the temple 7 months earlier and it was a wonderful experience!) Unfortunately, their son married a young woman who isn't a member of our church. Her pecular tastes included that the wedding guests dress in Renaissance apparell, and dragons adorned the cake made of scones. Her dress was white, but when she turned around it was laced with black ribbon and she wore HUGE black earrings. After the "I dos" which included a sand ceremony and a candle lighting ceremony under a canopy, we left (due to the cold weather.) On the way home from the wedding, our daughters commented on the celebration. (They had attended the reception of the daughter 7 months earlier.) They both agreed that they could feel the Spirit of the Lord at the first wedding but not at this one. It was a great learning experience about the gifts of the Holy Ghost and the importance of temple marriage! I'm glad my daughters could make the connections and come to the conclusion that they both desire temple weddings someday.

In other, other news: My good friend, Amy, who is also homeschooling, was telling me about how her sons are memorizing the poem "The Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll. Her grandfather used to recite the poem to her and she is passing down the tradition. It made me remember how my grandmother used to recite poetry to us. There were WONDERFUL poems Grandma T would recapitulate, including "The Outlaw" and "Little Orphan Annie." I decided that my daughters shoud also spend some time memorizing. So I decided that they would start with a SIMPLE poem (6 lines) that Grandma T used to narrate:

FORGET-ME-NOT (Author unknown)

When unto the flowers the Father gave a name
There came a little blue-eyed one, so timidly it came.
And standing at the Fathers feet and gazing in his face
He said i sweet and gentle tones with kind and loving grace
"Dear Father, the name that thou hast given me, alas, I have forgot."
Then kindly looked the Father down and said, "Forget-Me-Not."

Imagine my surprise and delight when this evenig at the Relief Society Broadcast President Uchtdorf (my absolute FAVORITE general authority speaker) talked about Forget-Me-Nots. I can't wait to share this talk with my daughters while studying and memorizing the poem. Here are President Uchtdorf's 5 reminders (using the 5 petals of the Forget-Me-Not flower):
1. FORGET NOT to be patient with yourself.
2. FORGET NOT the difference between a good and a foolish sacrifice.
3. FORGET NOT to be happy now!
4. FORGET NOT the "WHY" of the gospel.
5. FORGET NOT that the Lord loves you!

What a fabulous talk! I'm sure you can hear it again (or for the first time) at

What an incredible week!

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