Sunday, September 18, 2011


I believe that this week has been eye-opening for my daughters. They come to the conclusion that if they get to work on their school work right away in the morning, they have more "free" time in the afternoon to do whatever they want. For the past two days, Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy have woken up early and started working hard on their Math, History and Science. It has been inspiring! They have finished early and been able to read for fun, cross stitch, work on Personal Progress projects for Church, and created beautiful works of art. This week has been great! Especially if you think that working hard is great! My father has always said, "When you do good, you feel good!" It's true. Even Key Lime Pie said she felt so productive and happy the past couple of days!

Last week, I felt like we weren't getting enough done and then this week, my daughters have really "stepped it up a notch!" I guess there are days when things seem to be going well. Then there are days when you wonder what you've gotten yourself into.... Isn't that just like life?

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