Saturday, May 12, 2012


I really do enjoy my daughters!  They make me laugh!  Key Lime Pie, Kotten Kandy, and honorary daughter, Applesauce are great girls!  They love to laugh!  They know how to have fun without being rude or mean.  And they are entertaining.  Lately, they get a bit obsessed about whichever movie they are "into" at the moment.  A month ago, life was all about "The Hunger Games."  Now life revolves around "The Avengers."  They have even nick-named themselves.  Key Lime Pie is Thor.  Kotten Kandy is Captain America and Applesauce is Iron Man.  They saw the show this afternoon - wearing home-made shirts reflecting their favorite heroes (of the moment.)

Listening to them talk about these "obsessions" makes me laugh!  I was the same way in high-school....  I guess teenage girls will be teenage girls!

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  1. I guess teenage girls will be priceless. As I recall they were actually very expensive. ;-)