Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I can't sleep.  It happens sometimes.  So here are my random thoughts:

1.  I just finished reading book five of The Great and Terrible series by Chris Stewart.  They are pretty good books... but they make me think of EMPs and how wicked our world is becoming.  My friends and family think I'm becoming a bit obsessed with thinking about the end of the world as we know it.  At least I'm trying to be "prepared" for what could happen.....
2.  I'm also reading Dracula by Bram Stoker.  It was written in 1897.  It's strange.  I like reading classic novels, and I thought I'd give this one a try.  I really didn't know the story of Dracula at all... and I was surprised that the character of Van Helsing is from this book.
3.  Scott and I are huge fans of the television show, Criminal Minds.  When we "gave up" television two years ago (yes, we don't have cable or any way of watching T.V.) the only show I knew I would miss is Criminal Minds.  Luckily, every year my husband gets a gift for Christmas from his "un-sub" of the latest season's episodes.  We watch them often.
My daughters hate the show.  They think it's morbid.  (It kinda is, but I really like the FBI profilers.)  One great reason for watching the show, is it gives Scott and I alone time - neither daughter wants to watch it with us so it sends them to their bedrooms quickly....  :-)

A few months ago the girls asked us why we watched it.  My husband jokingly replied that we watched it to learn how to become serial-killers.  Since then, it has been a running-joke in our family.  K2 ask us what we have learned.  We respond that when we become murderers, we will wear gloves and give ourselves a really cool name (like Jack the Ripper and BTK did).

I didn't realize how much of the criminal behavior vocabulary the girls understood or even knew until yesterday.  Key Lime Pie informed me that when her father and I became "un-subs", we needed to make sure that we didn't have a "signature" because that is usually how the "profilers" found the bad guys.  I was so proud!  :-)

4.  My last random thought (and now it is 2:25 A.M.) is this:  If you are playing a tug-a-war game with your child about practicing their instrument, tell them that if they will practice then you will do something that you don't like doing.  I tried this with Kotten Kandy the other day and it worked!  I told her if she practiced her piano, then I would iron Scott's church shirts.  The shirts were ironed, and the practicing sounded like music to my ears!  :-)

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