Saturday, June 9, 2012


Scott's birthday was yesterday!  He is 39 years old.  For his birthday, the girls and I got him a grill.  (The girls actually paid for their 1/3 of the price!)  :-)  Scott has never had a NEW grill... I think he was pleased.  (The grill is a combination gift for his birthday and Father's Day.)  He's already BBQed chicken and burgers.  He is the best!
Scott is a good man.  He=s the best man.  I know Heavenly Father picked him just for me.  When we were engaged, there was a song on the radio by Tracy Byrd called AThe Keeper of the Stars.@  The chorus thanks the Keeper of the Stars for bringing us together.  It=s Aour song.@  It describes perfectly the divine help we received in getting together.
Although I had only attended BYU for 2 semesters, the spirit prompted me to move back to Grand Junction, Colorado with my family.  I ignored the spiritual prompting thinking that there was no way I could find a good, righteous, returned-missionary to marry in Grand Junction... but the prompting kept coming back.  When I discussed it with my parents, my father made a couple of phone calls and within 3 days I was enrolled at Mesa State College and packing up my things to return to my hometown.
In the meantime, Scott=s parents had moved to Grand Junction while he was serving his mission.  He didn=t know anyone when he returned to his new home.  His brother convinced him to go to the single=s branch in Grand Junction with him.  Scott went and was assigned as a home teacher to (yup, you guessed it) me!
Later I introduced Scott to my sister, G.J., (as my home teacher.)  She immediately decided that he was the one for her sister (me!) My father also was introduced to my home teacher.  My dad also decided that Scott was perfect for me - and he likes to remind me of that!  With both my sister and father rooting for him, it was just a matter of time before we did become engaged - only a month after our first date - and married 5 months later.
My father and sister knew Scott was a good thing.   They were right in encouraging me to marry him.  He is the best thing in my life!  I=m grateful I married him.  


  1. Let it hereby be stated, and written in plain words, that I do solemnly, and of sound mind, attest to the fact that all statements made by Miss Sundy Lea are truthful and full of the spirit. I add my John Henry to the things she has written and know of a surety that they are true... Gaydra Lea McCallister

  2. Did you add your John Henry or John Hancock? John Henry is a favorite of mine in folklore but for some reason I don't think you went and drove spikes with your twenty pound hammers in each hand upon reading this post. However, I would sign off on Scott too - he is a good dude. (Just don't tell him I said so).