Saturday, June 16, 2012


Our ward ROCKS!
Key Lime Pie really enjoyed her second year of Girls Camp.  (Although she thought it was more like a resort than camping.  The girls stayed in air-conditioned rooms with bunk beds.  They had access to running water, showers and toilets.  And the girls ate three meals a day in a cafeteria.)  But despite the abundance of modern day appliances and conveniences, she really enjoyed her week with the young women.  She participated in a Faith Walk.  She learned how to build a fire and safely put it out.  She participated in a skit and bore her testimony.  She danced, stayed up late, and acted silly with her friends.  She even made new friends.
Three out of four of my bunk mates:  K&C&V1
Scott and I were lucky enough to attend girls camp with her.  Scott went up the first night.  I went the last two nights.  We both enjoyed ourselves.  (It was definitely my type of camping - since I don't like roughing it.)  I was in charge of four AWESOME third year girls.  They were incredibly talented and sweet young women.  They nicknamed me Phillip the Fifth.  :-)
Oreo, Key Lime Pie and Muffin
Key Lime Pie made a new friend.  (We'll call her Oreo!)  :-)  She was soooooo sweet!  And she also enjoyed spending time with Muffin.
Yes, we are CRAZY!
For those of you who know my past experiences with Girls Camp, you'll be glad to know that I actually enjoyed this one.  I was scared to go but decided that my daughter has AMAZING leaders and a great group of young women to grow and learn with.  I think her experiences will be much more positive than mine....

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