Monday, June 25, 2012


My baby girl is growing up too quickly.  For her Birthday party she wanted to invite a whole bunch of families and have a picnic/BBQ.  So that's what we did.  It was a fun evening.  We had about 60 people.  Everyone loves Kotten Kandy so much.  I don't blame them.  She is sweet, giving and lots of fun to be around.  She gracious and spiritual.  She is going to make a FABULOUS Young Woman!
Here are pics from her party:
Kotten Kandy loves camouflage and so her father made her a four layer camo cake!
Kotten Kandy and Asparagus were told to "pose" in the tree! 
Good friends and she gets to go into YW with D!
All the younger girls really look up to Kotten Kandy!  She is a role model! 
What would a birthday party be without Applesauce?!  She's an AWESOME friend! 
She can't wait to read "The Lost Hero" by Rick Riordan!  Thanks, Shiffers! 
Do the Schmid's know her or what?  A camo hat and an arrow! 
Handmade necklace from a good friend! 
Scrapbooking supplies are so much fun for this little girl!
These sisters are so beautiful and sweet!  Luckily the one on Kotten Kandy's left is going to turn 12 next week and join YW with her.  She is beautiful inside and out - just like my daughter!
Blow out the candles! 

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  1. I just relived a birthday party for the baby I 'caught' exactly 12 years ago - in the year 2000!
    Katia, I'm missing you, and I need a hug!