Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Kotten Kandy is 12 today!  She is such a sensitive girl.  She loves everyone and is kind to those who need extra kindness.  The Young Women's organization is extremely blessed to have her.  She is spiritually perceptive and eager to learn new things.  She is enthusiastic and fun-loving.  I can't express how blessed we are as a family to have her in our lives!
Happy Birthday, Kotten Kandy!  We love you!


  1. She looks very happy! The YW leaders are very lucky to have such a neat girl. Happy Birthday to her!

  2. And she plays a mean penny whistle! And she sings beautifully! And she is an amazing artist! And she has a terrific imagination! And she is a tremendously talented writer! And she plays the piano! And she has a terrific sense of humor and can nail you with her one liners! And she has the coolest Grandpa around! Other than all that she's just a normal girl.

  3. Maybe I shouldn't have read this blog because it made me even more homesick for my Kentucky girl than I already was... After talking to you last night, Katia, I was really feeling sorry for myself. I kept thinking about ways I could get you to Grand Junction -- short of the bicycle idea we had last night...
    Happy Pinch Day, Kiddo! And tomorrow I'd kick you if you were here! (Better not let anyone else read this. They'd think you were being abused by your Grandma.) :) Love YOU!!!

  4. Loved reading the comments!! Now I'm missing Katia too!!! Hope you had a great birthday cutie!