Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I have been quiet about the election.  My close friends know how I feel and how I voted today.  But with all my bottled-up frustration about elections and what is going on in the world, I find myself increasingly angry and upset over other people's opinions (if they are opposite of mine).  I've been struggling with loving stupid people (I know that is not necessarily Christ-like, and I am sorry.)

On Monday, I received a blessing of comfort from my husband because of the frustrations I have been feeling.  It calmed me down a bit and has allowed me to reflect on my emotions and my thoughts.  Here they are:

In the grand scheme of things, my life will not be spiritually impacted by who wins today's presidential race.

Yes, the election might eventually impact our income, or how much a tank of gas costs, or change our tax rates or our health care...  but these are earthly monetary issues.

The President of the United States has no power over what goes on within the walls of our home.  He has no power over my spiritual growth or my children's testimonies or my husbands willingness to serve in the Kingdom of God.

Wednesday morning, I will still get up and take my daughters to seminary.  We will pray together.  I will study my Book of Mormon.  My top priorities will not change.

So I am trying to put this all in perspective... and this post is trying to help me organize my thoughts....  I love my Heavenly Father.  I love my Savior.  And I love the Gospel.  That is what matters.


  1. I know I am late with this comment, but, the Gospel is still true,
    And we still love you!

  2. And I am way late with a comment on this one. I only just found it when I looked for the YW in Excellence entry...
    I think what I've come to is this: For many reasons Romney was supposed to run and 'be out there'. He did, and he accomplished much. Free agency is afforded ALL, and all had a choice to make. Maybe the sifting has begun.