Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Tonight was a beautiful night.  Our Young Women leaders made the night beautiful!  The Young Women were recognized for their goals and talents.  And they were admonished to attend the temple often and make it their ultimate goal.  It was beautiful!  All THREE of my daughters were honored and by far, they were the prettiest young women in attendance!  Of course, I might be a bit prejudice.

Key Lime Pie - She was honored again for earning her Personal Progress medallion.  She is a truly talented and beautiful young woman.  She displayed her cook book.  She is becoming quite the chef and loves making things in the kitchen.  Her cookbook is beautiful!  She also displayed her sewing prowess with her Halloween costume....

Kotten Kandy - She is almost done with her Personal Progress.  She is working hard on it.  She is currently scrap booking the scripture mastery scriptures (The yellow pages in the picture).  She is also working on writing her second book (in the green folder) and she is almost finished with her cross-stitched glass case (on the right below).  She is also hoping to read the entire Book of Mormon in Portuguese.  Other talents she displayed are her photography and her singing.

My adopted daughter, Applesauce - This girl is simply amazing!  She showed us her artistic talents, her vocal talents, and her artistic talents.  She also displayed her girl's camp things!  She is fantastic!

The girls with their YW leader, and my good friend, Roxy Shiffer.

Scott spent the entire day making this amazing cake.  It was incredible!!!!!!

On the way home, our crazy daughters decided to breathe in the helium from the balloons.  The crazy girls made us laugh the entire drive.  :-)
I LOVE raising righteous young women!  I LOVE my girls!

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  1. I love the girls too! And the talents they've showcased are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Love YOU, Mil